Local Election

Ferndale votes down penny-per-gallon gas tax

The city’s voters are saying no to a penny-per-gallon gas tax in Ferndale, according to early general election results released Tuesday night, Nov. 4.

The measure was failing 59 percent to 41 percent.

It needed a simple majority to pass.

The tax would have applied to gasoline purchases in Ferndale limits. The city had estimated the tax would raise $178,000 annually that would be used to maintain and build Ferndale roads.

The first 60,000 gallons a month pumped at each station would have been exempt from the tax. Gas station owners opposed the measure.

It wasn’t the first time voters were asked to decide the issue. When a gas tax last went before voters during a special election in 1993, it failed with 59.6 percent opposing.

Ferndale is one of the few eligible cities in Whatcom County that has not yet adopted a border-city gas tax.