Local Election

Republicans sweeping state legislature seats in Whatcom County

Republicans were sweeping up the state legislature seats to represent Whatcom County, according to early returns Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Incumbent Sen. Doug Ericksen had a wide lead over Democratic challenger Seth Fleetwood in the 42nd District.

Luanne Van Werven had a substantial lead over Satpal Sidhu for one House seat in the 42nd, while incumbent Vincent Buys was handily beating Joy Monjure for the other seat.

When the first election returns posted, the mood turned somber at the Democrats' gathering at the Mount Baker Theatre. It was just the opposite at the Republican party at the Bellingham Country Club.

The most money -- fueling a barrage of TV ads and mailers, many of them hit pieces on the opponent -- was spent in the Ericksen-Fleetwood race, but that wasn't the closes one in early returns. Ericksen had 59 percent to Fleetwood's 41 percent.

The closest race was Van Werven-Sidhu, but even that wasn't really close. Van Werven had almost 57 percent in early returns.

The opposite was true for the U.S. House seats representing Whatcom County. Incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen cruised to victory over Republican challenger B.J. Guillot. Suzan DelBene had a 55 percent of the vote over Pedro Celis for the District 1 seat.