Choking 4-month-old baby saved by South Carolina police officer in dramatic video

A police officer came to the rescue of a choking baby, and his body-worn camera caught the dramatic moments on a South Carolina sidewalk.

The 4-month-old girl was taking medicine when she started having trouble breathing on Sunday, according to Sgt. Anthony Smith with the Belton Police Department.

Cpl. Derrall Foster was the first officer to respond to the emergency, and he quickly jumped into action, the department says.

He flipped the “baby over and patted its back in an effort dislodge the medicine and open the airway,” Smith wrote in an email to McClatchy news group.

Body cam video shows him repeatedly tapping the baby before she starts crying. Then the little girl gurgles, prompting the officer to continue his life-saving efforts, according to the footage.

The baby later started to breathe on her own, police say.

Officials took the child to a hospital for an evaluation, and she was last believed to be OK, Smith wrote.

Police say the girl had been taking medicine for pain associated with teething.

No one was arrested in connection with the incident, according to a report.

Belton is in Anderson County, roughly 26 miles south of Greenville.

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