Here’s what you need to know about the ICE raids happening on Sunday

Federal immigration officials are expected to target undocumented immigrants facing final deportation orders during nationwide raids on Sunday.

Where will the raids take place?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will target Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City and San Francisco.

Who will be targeted in the raids?

Federal agents will target undocumented immigrants with deportation orders, but immigrant advocacy groups have warned that any immigrant in the U.S. illegally may get tied up in the roundups on Sunday. That includes those who entered the U.S. without a legal immigration status, individuals who overstayed their visa and lawful residents or green card and visa holders with certain criminal convictions, according to the Immigrant Defense Project.

There are about 10.5 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., and about 1 million of those have final removal orders, according to CBS News.

On Sunday, agents will target a group of about 2,000 immigrants who recently crossed into the U.S. in family groups, according to the New York Times.

Trump said on Friday that authorities would be “focused on criminals as much as we can before we do anything else.”

“Nothing to be secret about,” Trump said. ”It starts on Sunday, and they’re going to take people out, and they’re going to bring them back to their countries. Or they’re going to take criminals out, put them in prison, or put them in prison in the countries they came from.”

Some of those expected to be targeted in Sunday’s roundups have been issued final orders of removal but did not attend those hearings because the government did not inform them, immigrant advocates said, according to USA Today.

Why now?

After an initial delay last month from President Donald Trump — and a shifting of the burden to Congressional Democrats, whom Trump said should reform the immigration system — the mass deportations are slated to take place Sunday. The raids were originally scheduled for late June.

What resources are available to undocumented immigrants who fear deportation?

In preparation for the roundups, immigrant advocacy groups have launched an information campaign on social media to reach undocumented immigrants who may be detained Sunday.

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The Immigrant Defense Project advised immigrants faced by ICE agents to refuse them entry into their home unless they present a warrant signed by a judge and containing the correct name and address. If agents ask an individual for the location of a deportation target, the advocacy group said, the individual is not required to disclose information to agents but they are advised not to lie to agents.

If agents target immigrants in public or at work, the ACLU advises these individuals to walk away from the agents after determining if they are being detained or are free to leave. These targeted individuals have a right to remain silent and can tell agents they do not consent to searches of their person or property, including cars, without a warrant, the group says in a tip sheet disseminated on social media and embedded below.

The Florida Immigrant Coalition advised undocumented immigrants to ask those with legal status to drive them where they need to go. Federal agents cannot question passengers of vehicles, the group says in its tip sheet posted online.

Full info graphics from the Immigrant Defense Project can be found at this link. The IDP also posted an informational packet online for those who are detained by federal agents. That is embedded below.

The Florida Immigration Coalition has set up an information hotline at 1-888-600-5762.

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