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Sedro-Woolley man gets 6 months for pursuit near Sehome High School

BELLINGHAM — A man convicted of leading police on a brief pursuit before crashing into a tree by Sehome High School must serve six months in jail.

Skylor Allen Ferry, 25, of Sedro-Woolley, bought a fifth of Jack Daniel's whiskey from a Rite Aid at 4:24 p.m. April 4, according to a receipt that's cited as evidence in charging papers. An hour later, a police officer, who had stopped another car on North Samish Way, spotted a maroon '97 Mercury Grand Marquis fishtailing as it "burned rubber" and turned onto Bill McDonald Parkway, according to charging papers.

The policeman cut the other traffic stop short and pursued the speeding Mercury. Ferry's car topped out at 50 mph uphill, but his getaway was slowed down by heavy traffic. He pulled into the parking lot of Sehome High, spun around, headed the opposite direction on Bill McDonald, skidded and crashed on the driver's side into a tree.

According to the charges ...

"The officer (informed dispatchers of) the wreck and drew his sidearm as he got out of the patrol vehicle. Ferry looked directly at the officer and started to open the door. He was told to stop. Ferry then opened the door and ran east toward Ferry Avenue. Ferry ran down into a muddy ditch. The officer closed the distance and caught up with Ferry in the 2900 block of Ferry Avenue. Ferry turned around and put up his hands. After initially complying with commands to lie down on his stomach, Ferry began to disregard the officer's commands and quickly reached into his back right pocket. After the application of the (Taser), Ferry was taken into custody and secured."

Police found a fifth of whiskey — three-quarters empty — and an open can of Coors beer in the Mercury, according to court records. A DUI charge was moved from Superior Court to District Court, where he's expected to plea guilty and accept a suspended jail sentence Friday, June 20.

Ferry pleaded guilty last week to attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle, a class C felony. As part of his sentence approved by Judge Ira Uhrig, Ferry must undergo treatment for drugs and alcohol. He can serve the six months of jail time on an inmate work crew.

Ferry had four prior felonies on his record, for domestic violence crimes, felony harassment and felony assault.

Here's the original story from April.