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Police: Edgemoor burglar caught after trying to break into occupied home

BELLINGHAM — A longtime neighborhood beat cop caught a man suspected of trying to break into an occupied house Thursday morning, May 15, in the Edgemoor neighborhood.

The suspect, Ervin D. Osman, 35, waited for a car to leave the home, in the 700 block of Fieldston Road, before making his move around 7:40 a.m., according to a news release by the Bellingham Police Department.

But another resident was still inside when the burglar tried to open the back door with a pry bar. The family dog started to bark.

According to the police department ...

The resident checked to see why the dog was upset and observed a man with a pry bar actively trying to force open the rear entrance to the home. The male fled when the occupant yelled at him. The resident provided a very good description of the involved male, and a dog that was with the suspect.

Officer Cliff Jennings has been assigned to this south-side patrol area for many years and used his knowledge of the area to predict where this burglary suspect would emerge from hiding. At about 9:15 a.m. Officer Jennings spotted a male that matched the description of the burglar, walking in the 1300 block of 12th Street. Jennings contacted the male with the assistance of other responding officers.

(Osman) admitted to Officer Jennings that he was the man responsible for the burglary on Fieldston Avenue. He added that he had seen a vehicle driving away from the house and thought that nobody would be home. Osman had a pry bar in his backpack and said that it was the tool that he had used to force the back door of the residence. He admitted that he had stolen the pry bar from the back yard of the Fieldston home. Osman said that he had planned to steal food and valuables from the residence.

Osman’s last known address was in Spokane. He has been in the Bellingham area for a short time as he attempts to find a way to get to Alaska.

Osman was booked into Whatcom County Jail for Residential Burglary and Theft 3rd Degree.