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Man, 25, accused of striking girlfriend with car on purpose south of Lynden

LYNDEN — A Whatcom County man has been charged with crashing his car into his girlfriend on purpose — knocking her onto the hood while he kept driving — after an argument at their home off Pole Road.

Andrew Ray Davis, 25, and the woman had been shouting at each other about their relationship problems Sunday, April 5, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office. So Davis got into his white car around 5 p.m. to leave the house, on Vail Drive, and calm down. At first he backed up. But then, from a distance of about 30 feet, he drove forward "right at" the woman at an estimated speed of 15 mph, according to two witness reports.

His girlfriend, a woman in her early 20s, later told deputies she got in front of his car to keep him from leaving — and she insisted he hit her by accident. The two witnesses, however, told authorities "Andrew obviously intentionally hit (the woman) with the vehicle," according to a statement of probable cause.

She rode on the hood while the car moved about 20 feet, until Davis hit the brakes, according to the sheriff's office. The sudden stop threw her to the ground. Then Davis drove off. The woman had a rip in the left knee of her pants and a bloody cut on her leg.

Prosecutors have since filed a formal charge of domestic violence assault in the first degree. Davis remained in jail Thursday. If he can post $50,000 bond, he won't be allowed to drive.

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