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Don't be fooled by secret shopper prepaid debit card scam

If you get a letter in the mail offering a big check to be a secret shopper and it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

A reader tipped us off that his mom has so far gotten two "secret store evaluator" offers in the mail from Deli Evaluation Survey Inc. 

The most recent letter included a check for $3,880, to be used to buy six $500 reloadable debit cards. 

The letter offers the recipient $400 per hour for two hours of work at any Rite Aid, Walgreens (which the letter refers to as Wall-Green), CVS or any location that loads Green Dot or NetSpend prepaid debit cards. The recipient's job is to then go secretly into those stores to buy the prepaid cards and "evaluate the handling process of the transaction and the customer service of the particular location you visited." After buying the cards, the letter directs recipients to call Deli Evaluation Survey to confirm the reload numbers on the cards with an agent.

Once the agent has those card numbers, though, they can siphon the money from them.  

The letter says that all purchases must be made within 24 hours of depositing the check (in other words, before the bank can flag it as fraudulent). Once the bank finds out the check is false, you're on the hook for all that money spent, and the cash cards you purchased are likely already drained.