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Arson suspected in mobile home fire north of Kendall

KENDALL — A mobile home fire in the Paradise area, north of Kendall, appears to be arson, according to the Whatcom County Fire Marshal's Office.

No suspects have been named in connection to the travel trailer fire late Monday, Jan. 22, at 6253 Laurel Place.

(See the story from today's paper here.)

The fire started in the front part of the trailer, said Will Anderson, a Whatcom County fire investigator. The home had no electricity and no one was supposed to be living there. A tenant moved out a couple weeks ago, after the county learned of the home's lack of a sewage system, and the health hazards that was causing, Anderson said.

So it's not clear how the fire started. It may have been as simple, Anderson said, as a lighter held up to a mattress or something else combustible. No obvious signs of an accelerant — like gasoline or kerosene — were found in the wreckage.

An earlier estimate that the losses might amount to $30,000 probably overshot the mark, Anderson noted. The home, a trailer built in the '70s, and the contents inside were probably worth closer to a couple thousand dollars.

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