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Owner of Blair's iPod Repair denies dealing cocaine for Apple gear

BELLINGHAM — The owner of an Apple repair shop in Bellingham denies police accusations that he traded cocaine for iPhones.

“That’s the last thing I would do,” Blair Alan Hewitt, of Blair’s iPod Repair, told a reporter Monday, Dec. 16.

Hewitt, 36, spent the weekend in jail on suspicion of giving the drug to an undercover detective three times — on Nov. 20, Nov. 22 and Dec. 4 — in exchange for handheld Apple devices. He has records of buying those products from the man. He claims the purchases were legitimate.

Hewitt has yet to be formally charged with a crime. According to the county prosecutor's office, his arraignment has been set for Friday morning. Police expect he’ll be charged with three counts of cocaine delivery.

He was working at the front desk Monday, three days after police arrested him at the shop. Blair’s iPod Repair, 840 N. State St., promises same-day repairs for broken iPods and iPhones. The store also sells refurbished Apple gear at a discount.

The officer who sold the iPhones in question, Hewitt said, wasn’t a very good actor.

“Hey, John!” Hewitt yelled to a coworker in a back room. “Wasn’t it easy to tell that guy was an undercover cop?”

Still, because of the detective’s persistence, Hewitt acknowledged he’d directed him to a cocaine dealer. But he denied any involvement in the actual sales. Police hope to arrest that person, too. No details about the alleged dealer have been released.

Officers searched the store for drugs, Hewitt said, but found none. Instead, they impounded inventory paperwork as evidence. Police said they’ve had drug-related complaints about Hewitt in the past.

Hewitt’s frustrated that police alerted the media he’d been arrested, because the allegations, according to him, are unfounded.

People have been asking what will become of their iPhones, iPods and laptops if the store shuts down. If customers are concerned, I asked, can they pick up their electronics any time?

“Sure,” Hewitt said. “But we’re open permanently. We’ll still be here, forever.”