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Power outage affects thousands in Sudden Valley Saturday

About 100 Sudden Valley customers were still waiting for their electricity to be restored Saturday afternoon, Dec. 7, after about 2,600 were left without power for the first half of the day, according to a Puget Sound Energy spokesperson.

The outages were caused by equipment problems, including issues with an insulator near a Sudden Valley substation and a broken cross arm on a pole, PSE spokesperson Christina Donegan said.

Crews started working to fix the issues at 6:30 a.m., and restored power to all but 100 customers by about noon, Donegan said. As of 3 p.m. those customers were still without power.

"We're hoping those customers will get power within three to four hours," Donegan said. "We know this is a tough day to be without power."

Temperatures in the area remained in the 20s Saturday afternoon, with wind chill factors in the teens, according to the National Weather Service.