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Motor home burns while being cut up for parts east of Nooksack

NOOKSACK — Firefighters put out a blaze at the gutted frame of a motor home Saturday afternoon, Nov. 16, in the 3800 block of South Pass Road, according to firefighters.

Two men were cutting apart the metal frame of what remained of a Class C motor home — a trailer built on a the body of a van — when some fluid they thought was water came out of the exhaust pipe, Fire District No. 1 Chief Mel Blankers said. The fluid, as it turned out, was likely gasoline, and quickly caught fire when the men continued grinding the metal pipe, creating sparks, Blankers said.

The men had cut up the motor home to sell the parts. They had already cleared wood and other pieces away when they tried to cut the frame down to take it to a recycler, Blankers said. Nothing else was damaged by the blaze, though a forklift supporting the frame got a little burnt on the outside, Blankers said.

Two fire engines and two fire tenders, operated by 12 firefighters, responded to the blaze and knocked it down within about 45 minutes, Blankers said. They cleared the scene around 2 p.m.

No one was injured.

Blankers wasn’t sure how often the men work on that type of project, but said there was another motor home on the property Saturday.

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