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Police: Girlfriend attacks boyfriend with knife twice

BELLINGHAM  A 33-year-old Bellingham woman has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault for slicing her boyfriend's forearm with a kitchen knife during a drunken argument.

According to a story that later got relayed to police, the couple had gone to the home of some friends on the night of Saturday, Nov. 9, for dinner.

Both the woman and her boyfriend, 35, started drinking and she told him she was "tired of his drama," according to Bellingham police. She grabbed a knife. He dodged several swings, but the 5-inch blade gashed his left forearm, near the elbow, said Sgt. Jason Monson. He ran outside.

Two hours later, passersby flagged down police in the 1200 block of Railroad Avenue. A homeless couple was fighting and drinking alcoholic fruit punch by the parking garage. The woman had briefly tried to make up with the boyfriend, Monson said, but then she charged at him with the knife. The weapon was found tossed in some nearby bushes.

Officers arrested the woman, identified as Sara Dawn Jules, on suspicion of first-degree domestic violence assault, for the first attack. She could face another count of assault for rushing at the man at the parking garage, according to police.

The man declined to be taken to the hospital for the knife wound on his arm, even though an officer told him it probably needed stitches.

Neither the man nor the woman were forthcoming about who had hosted them for dinner earlier, Monson said. Detectives had yet to track down the witnesses of the first assault as of Tuesday afternoon.

The couple had been in a relationship  on and off, Monson said  for the past three years.