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Inmate tries to hang himself in Whatcom County Jail

BELLINGHAM — Inmates and Whatcom County Jail guards prevented a man from committing suicide by hanging Monday evening, Nov. 4, in Whatcom County Jail.

The man, in his 30s, tied a sheet to a railing on the balcony of the second-floor cell block around 5 p.m., put it around his neck and tried to hang himself. Inmates saw what he was doing and held him up, until correction's deputies could cut him down and untie the knot from his neck, said Whatcom County Sheriff's Sgt. Kevin Moyes.

"Due to the quick actions of the correction's deputies, as well as a couple of inmates," Moyes said, he didn't have any serious injuries. He was taken to St. Joseph hospital as a precaution. He's back in jail now.

The man had been charged in 2007 with breaking into a Blaine home and hitting a sleeping resident over the head with a vodka bottle. He was finally tracked down and arrested this month.