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Police warn of contractors who burglarized 74-year-old Bellingham woman

Two "so-called contractors" scammed a 74-year-old Fairhaven woman by making up a problem with her windows and distracting her so they could take a stack of cash from her living room, police said.

Police have some good leads in the case. So for now, they're not asking for help from the public to track them down. But here's a warning to others, via Bellingham Police Sgt. Jason Monson.

In August (the woman) was contacted at her residence by a man claiming to do contracting work. He offered to clean her roof of moss and do other repairs to it. He gave her an estimate of the repair but lowered it considerably if she paid cash. Which she did.

(On Monday, Sept. 30,) the same male returned and told her that she had wind and rain damage to her attic windows that needed repair and that there was dry rot. He again gave an estimate and offered to repair it for less if she paid cash. She went into her home and obtained some cash to pay the male upfront. The male and his coworker then climbed a ladder and removed a trim board from one of the attic windows.

They then came to the front door and asked her to come around to the rear of the house so they could show her what they were going to do. The other male apparently stayed around front and entered the home stealing additional cash from inside. The two then left saying they would be back shortly with materials to fix the windows. They never returned.

It was not until after they left that she discovered the theft of additional cash.

Officers obtained a hammer and nails from the victim and replaced the trim that the so-called contractors had removed. The officers also looked at the roof and it appears that (very little) work was done during the first incident in August.

Suspect #1 is a tall and thin (white male) about 60 years old driving a blue truck.

Suspect #2 is a short Hispanic male about 30 years old driving a small white car.

The amount of stolen cash has not been released.

Anyone who thinks they've come in contact with these men can contact Detective Ben Vodopich at 360-778-8766.