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A strange week for Bellingham police

Here's a handful of confounding incidents on this week's Bellingham police blotter. (And it's only Thursday.) Parental discretion advised.


Reported: Aug 12 2013 8:50AM

Location: 2000 BLK JAMES ST

Offense: THEFT

Case #: 13B32508

Someone took a water meter cover.


Reported: Aug 13 2013 1:07PM

Location: 4800 BLK SAMISH WY


Case #: 13B32705

While the Bellingham Fire Department was preparing to conduct some water rescue training at Lake Padden, they were approached by an unknown male. The male was hostile in his words and actions. He spoke about the BFD belonging to the mafia and that "if you make ice cream, I'll bring an assault rifle back here". When the male learned that Police had been summoned he peddled off on his Mountain Bike. Officers checked the Park and the trails but the male was not located.


Reported: Aug 13 2013 3:40PM

Location: 2000 BLK LARRABEE AV


Case #: 13B32729

(C1) and (C2) whom are both in their 50's are making reports to Police about the other harassing them on FACEBOOK. After police counseled both parties, they agreed to get off of each others FACEBOOK and send no more messages.


Reported: Aug 14 2013 12:17PM

Location: 1000 BLK E SUNSET DR


Case #: 13B32849

(A1) selected K-Y Jelly, a sex ring for male genitalia and a memory card which he concealed in his underwear. (A1) then exited the store and was followed by Loss Prevention who updated police on (A1) location. Officers caught up to (A1) and arrested him for Shoplifting.

Arrested: FAVER, TYLER LEWIS Age: 30 (DOB: May 20 1983 )


Reported: Aug 14 2013 10:33PM

Location: 800 BLK ALABAMA ST

Offense: ASSAULT - Misdemeanor

Case #: 13B32926

(A1) was booked into the Whatcom County Juvenile Detention after grabbing the clerk of a coffee stand. He forcibly hugged and tried to kiss her.