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Voyage Vixens visit Bellingham in travel video

There's a fun new video about Bellingham and you can catch it on YouTube by searching for "Voyage Vixens" (or watch it below). It's also linked to our Facebook page at

The two vixens, Lanee Neil and Lindsay Taub, produce travel videos about various places in-country and abroad.

Their 5-minute, 41-second piece about Bellingham is light, bright and fun, with a "gee whiz" feel common to visitors smitten with Bellingham in particular and the outdoorsy Northwest in general.

Their video touches on life in and near Bellingham through visits to local businesses, including Mallard Ice Cream, Bellingham Farmers Market, Taylor Shellfish Farms, The North Fork Brewery and Tree Frog Night Inn. That makes sense for them, because most tourists experience new places through the commercial places where they stay, eat, drink and play.

But if you want a video with real feel for the city, there's still nothing better than "Bellingham State of Mind" by Nathan Cox and Rashawn Scott.

Sure, Cox and Scott sing about places to eat, drink and dance, but they know, and show, so much more about life in Bellingham. Their video's 234,000 hits on YouTube testify to their appeal.


If you like good poetry, especially with a local flair, pick up a copy of "as much as we've put in," the first anthology from Poetrynight, the long-running poetry slam outfit in Bellingham.

The collection has 48 poems by 33 poets, many of them familiar figures. Others live elsewhere, but at some point they dropped by Poetrynight some Monday evening to share their work.

So far I've read 36 of the poems and have run into only one that was, for me, a clunker. For any anthology, that's a stupendous battering average.

The book costs $20. For a copy, email Robert Huston, Poetrynight's arts director and emcee, at Better yet, drop in for a reading some Monday at 8 p.m. at The Amadeus Project, 1209 Cornwall Ave.


To learn how fishing and Cold War politics mix, attend a talk at 2 p.m. today, Nov. 4, at Whatcom Museum's Lightcatcher, 250 Flora St.

Walter Pereyra will discuss MRC, the unusual Bellingham-based venture with the Soviet fishing industry, and describe how the business - which had Bellingham Cold Storage and the Soviet Ministry of Fisheries as equal partners - changed the U.S. fishing industry while it also changed Cold War notions. Pereyra was CEO of the company from its inception in 1977 through the 1980s.

His talk is in conjunction with an exhibit, "Wild East Meets Wild West: Photographs from Nakhodka Russia by Georgy Pakin," that runs at the Lightcatcher until Jan. 6.

Admission to the talk is free for museum members. Otherwise, you must pay museum admission: $8 if you're a student, senior citizen or in the military; $4.50 is you're 5 or younger; or $10 if you're anyone else.