Bellingham Police: Windows shot out with BB gun in Cordata area

Police are looking for more information to help find who is responsible for shooting out car and house windows with a BB gun in the Cordata neighborhood.

Police spokesman Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said there have been at least 18 reports of malicious mischief near Cordata Park from December 2014 through the end of April of this year. Most of the reports involve car or house windows that have been shot out by a BB gun or pellet gun.

In early April, a resident on Celia Way woke up around 2:30 a.m. hearing suspicious sounds. The resident reported seeing a laser light and finding BBs nearby, Vander Yacht said.

Some windows have been knocked out with rocks. There also have been reports of slashed tires.

Police have little information about who is behind the vandalism.

“The community up there is frustrated,” Vander Yacht said. “It’s a very difficult type of crime to nip unless you can be in the right place at the right time.”

He urged anybody with information to contact the police tip line at 360-778-8611 or online at

“Anybody that can provide information that can get this to stop, we would be incredibly grateful,” Vander Yacht said.