Police: Frustrated man breaks 9-month-old daughter’s leg by dropping her

A man broke his 9-month-old daughter’s leg when he angrily dropped her from his chest Wednesday, Jan. 28, according to Bellingham police.

Anthony Mark Hoffman, 26, was arrested under suspicion of second-degree assault of a child Thursday after he admitted to dropping the baby out of frustration, according to police.

Hoffman and the baby’s mother live together in an apartment in the 2100 block of Alabama Street, said Bellingham Police Lt. Bob Vander Yacht. Police said the mother was taking a nap around dinnertime Wednesday when Hoffman woke her up and told her their daughter was hurt.

The story Hoffman initially told the mother was that he was in the kitchen and heard the baby screaming. He told her he checked on her and noticed the baby’s leg was already in an awkward position.

“It sounded like he was trying to create a circumstance where (the baby) did it to herself,” Vander Yacht said.

The couple took the girl to the hospital and found out that the baby’s femur was fractured. A doctor then contacted police, who took Hoffman into custody, Vander Yacht said.

Hoffman later told a detective he dropped the baby on purpose but did not intend to hurt her, Vander Yacht said.