Lynden shooting death suspect stole World Series rings in Mount Vernon

One of the alleged accomplices in a botched Lynden drug deal that ended with one man dead in November had pleaded guilty days earlier to the burglary of a home belonging to a Philadelphia Phillies pitcher.

Gavin Joseph Glyzinski, 37, pleaded guilty Nov. 10 to stealing World Series rings, signed baseball memorabilia and thousands of dollars worth of other property from Kyle Kendrick's home in Mount Vernon.

Twelve days after he entered the plea, he met with Johnny Arellano, Jeremiah Winchester and Jesse Winchester - Jeremiah's 22-year-old son - at the Silver Reef Casino.

The four men went to 1213 Bradley Road in Lynden, where Jeremiah told the others "some Mexicans were coming by" and that he was going to rob them of drugs and money as payback for an earlier rip-off, according to an affidavit filed in Whatcom County Superior Court.

After they arrived and saw Jeremiah, the alleged drug dealers - Salvador Rodriguez, Oscar Rodriguez and Andrew Medina - realized they were about to get robbed, the affidavit says.

A gunfight ensued, and Jeremiah Winchester was shot in the head but survived. Glyzinski picked up Jeremiah's .357 revolver and chased after the three men, firing at them as they escaped in a Honda Element, likely shooting Salvador Rodriguez in the leg, the affidavit says. Medina and the Rodriguez brothers returned fire. During the gunfight Jesse was shot in the back and the arm.

While Jeremiah tried to revive his son, he told Glyzinski and Arellano to leave before police came. Jesse was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived.

Glyzinski and Arellano made their first appearances in court recently on charges of first-degree attempted robbery and two counts of attempted drug possession. Arellano was brought to Whatcom County from Island County Jail, where he is facing a number of felonies, including assault, burglary, drug charges and eluding, according to Whatcom County prosecutor Dave McEachran. He has since been returned to Island County Jail.

Glyzinski's sentencing for the Mount Vernon burglary is scheduled to take place in Skagit County Superior Court Friday, Feb. 10.