Pregnant woman found murdered in Wisconsin was a 2015 graduate of Blaine High

A number of Facebook posts remember 21-year-old Shannon Mani, who graduated from Blaine High School in 2015.  Mani has been found murdered in Wisconsin.
A number of Facebook posts remember 21-year-old Shannon Mani, who graduated from Blaine High School in 2015. Mani has been found murdered in Wisconsin. Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald

A 2015 Blaine High School graduate has been found murdered in Wisconsin, according to news reports.

Shannon Mani, 21, was last seen Friday at her Waukesha, Milwaukee home, where she was a student at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Quentin Neal, 27, has been charged with Mani's murder, according to a story on, after he allegedly stabbed and shot his girlfriend, who was about four months pregnant at the time.

Mani didn’t show up for work or to her brother’s school to pick him up on Friday, authorities said, FOX 6 reported.

Neal didn’t appear “concerned” about the disappearance of Man, authorities said, according to

When Mani’s parents allegedly told him they were going to the police, Neal seemed uneasy about going and ultimately didn’t, CBS 58 reported. And when they asked him about their daughter’s whereabouts, he indicated he hadn’t talked to Mani and didn’t know where she was, a criminal complaint said.

But the victim’s Apple Watch said otherwise, according to authorities, who were able to use the device to see a conversation that took place that day between her and Neal, CBS 58 reported. Authorities say Neal asked Mani if she was still coming over, and she said she was almost there. Neal said he would leave the door open, FOX 6 reported.

Quentin Neal

Investigators searched Neal’s apartment, CBS 58 said. They found several areas that indicated the possible presence of blood, including an area in his basement and the walls and sides of the stairs, authorities said.

On Sunday, Mani’s body was found stuffed inside a suitcase at a storage unit Neal was leasing, FOX 6 said. She’d been bound with duct tape, stabbed and shot, People reported. Bloody towels, a knife handle and blade and duct tape were in the bag, authorities said.

Neal allegedly told police he and Mani, who was about 24 weeks along, “got into an argument” at his home, and that when he showed Mani his gun, she took the weapon and a knife and tried to shoot him, the publication said.

Police said Neal told them the gun didn’t go off because of the safety. He then allegedly said he shot Mani twice in head, causing her to fall down the stairs into the basement. She got up and tried to come at him again and that’s when he cut her with the knife, according to his account, People reported.

He admitted to putting her in a garbage bag and then in a suitcase, authorities said.

Neal is charged with intentional homicide and intentional homicide of an unborn child, CBS 58 reported.

Mani was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, according to WTMJ. Nathan Rapaka, who identified himself as a friend of Mani's, told FOX 8 that she was excited about the future.

"She was glowing and she looked happy," he said.

A Facebook post by the C Shop in Birch Bay called Mani a "C Shop family member" and "A beautiful young woman taken from us all too soon."

David Rasbach of The Bellingham Herald contributed to this story.