Here's what was in a backpack that led Whatcom deputies to arrest these two


A couple remained in Whatcom County Jail on Friday for allegedly intending to sell methamphetamine and heroin.

Leslie Keith Brown Jr., 39, and Danielle Maylynn Tolar, 26, were booked into the jail Wednesday.

The events of surrounding their arrests unfolded the night of March 29, when a deputy saw them by Brown's truck at Yorky’s Market, 3910 Bennett Drive, about 10:50 p.m., according to Whatcom County Undersheriff Jeff Parks.

Tolar was known to have an extensive drug history, Parks said, but said she was no longer involved with drugs.

A drug dog brought in by deputies indicated the presence of narcotics on the truck.

The truck was towed and a subsequent search warrant allowed authorities to look through a backpack — Tolar had reportedly said it was hers — in the vehicle to find two bags of methamphetamine, weighing a total of 258 grams, and three bags of heroin, weighing about 137 grams.

"Bottom line, the amount is clearly for distribution," Parks said.

The backpack also reportedly contained a digital scale, more than 100 small baggies and a small notebook with several pages of names and dollar amounts next to them indicating suspected drug transactions, according to Parks.

Brown was booked into jail on suspicion of a controlled substance violation and possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine.

Tolar was booked on the same methamphetamine allegation, as well as on suspicion of selling heroin.

Kie Relyea: 360-715-2234, @kierelyea