Blaine man threatened ‘Columbine-like’ event during domestic violence shooting, charges say

A Blaine man threatened a mass shooting “like Columbine” during a domestic violence assault with shots fired at a home in rural Whatcom County, according to a statement read in court Friday.

Cameron Jordan Robert Allsop, 33, was intoxicated around noon Thursday when he got angry at his girlfriend and fired a .22-caliber handgun outside his mobile home on the 9600 block of Harvey Road, according to a statement read in Superior Court by Deputy Prosecutor Erik Sigmar. Allsop went back inside and fired a few more shots in a hallway.

His girlfriend and another woman, a friend who was visiting, told him to stop. Allsop replied that it was a “day of reckoning,” and that he planned to go to work, kill his boss and kill himself, according to the women’s reports.

“He also threatened an event … like Columbine,” Sigmar said, in reference to one of the most notorious mass shootings in United States history.

Allsop threatened to shoot as he aimed the gun at both women, and he fired shots in the living room floor by his girlfriend’s feet, Sigmar said in court. Once the girlfriend got her coat to leave, he threw her out the door, according to the report. Allsop stood in the path of the car, aiming a .22-caliber rifle at both women and firing shots into the ground around the car, according to sheriff’s deputies’ reports.

Deputies arrested Allsop on suspicion of two counts of assault in the second degree, felony harassment and altering identifying marks on a firearm, because the serial numbers on the rifle had been filed off.

“This looks like a case where it is nothing short of miraculous that we don’t have a couple of dead bodies,” Superior Court Commissioner Alfred Heydrich said at a bail hearing Friday. “I think this behavior is incredibly dangerous, and the conduct alleged here couldn’t become much more of a threat to the community.”

Heydrich set bail at $150,000.

If he posts bond, Allsop won’t be allowed to consume alcohol or go back to the Harvey Road home. A co-worker offered him a place to stay, his public defender told the court.

Allsop has a record of misdemeanors, infractions and failing to show up to court in cities and counties south of Bellingham. He has no felony record in Washington state.

Caleb Hutton: 360-715-2276, @bhamcaleb