Deer Creek customers north of Bellingham should boil water

Customers of the Deer Creek Water Association are being told to boil their water before drinking it because of a water main break.

The advisory affects about 450 homes east of Guide Meridian, west of Noon Road, south of Laurel Road and north of Kelly Road. No other water associations are affected.

The break was related to storm damage and may have allowed untreated water into the system, the association said.

Water for drinking, brushing teeth, food preparation, ice, etc., should be boiled for at least one minute. Or purchase bottled water.

The association expects to have repairs completed Friday, March 11. Water will continue to be flushed until the lines are cleared. Customers may notice a heavy chlorine smell. They should avoid doing laundry until the smell dissipates.

Water will be tested. The boil water advisory will be lifted as soon as it meets drinking water standards.

For more information, go to deercreekwater.org or call Douglas Wittinger, business manager of the association, at 360-820-4314.

Debbie Townsend