Make a ‘light bulb’ from lemon, graphite Saturday in Bellingham

Kids watch a Hardware Science lesson.
Kids watch a Hardware Science lesson.

Hardware Science this month explores battery power, electricity and simple circuitry with a working light made from a lemon and a piece of graphite.

A lemon battery is similar to the first electrical battery, developed in 1800 by Allessandro Volta, the Italian chemist and physicist from whose name the word “voltage” is derived.

“We will be looking at how circuits function, how a battery works, and what everyday objects can create a light bulb,” said Ian McKee, who teaches Hardware Science for children with free presentations at noon, 2 and 4 p.m. Saturday, March 5, in the Ace Hardware, 356 36th St. in the Sehome Village shopping center at the corner of Samish Way and Bill McDonald Parkway.

For more information, email McKee at mckeei@students.wwu.edu or call Ace Hardware at 360-933-4686.

Robert Mittendorf