Bear spotted near Sudden Valley

A bear was spotted around the south side of Lake Louise about two weeks ago, and a number of reports of bear droppings have been made as well.

While a sign has been posted to alert the Sudden Valley area of the sighting, Officer Ryan Valentine of Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife said there doesn’t seem to be any need for added concern.

Unless sightings become frequent among isolated areas, measures to trap a bear are unnecessary, Valentine said.

With the summer’s increased temperatures and mild precipitation, Valentine added that bear reports actually have been down.

“Everything’s been pretty quiet, I’ve been pretty pleased,” he said.

The early onset of warm weather helped plants and other natural foods for animals grow sooner, so there isn’t as great a need for them to scavenge in populated areas, Valentine said.

Even so, he said it is always a good idea for people living in and around forested areas to keep pet food, hummingbird feeders and other potential food sources inside during the warmer months to help deter wild animals from seeking scraps.

Additional information regarding wildlife safety and preparedness can be found on the Fish & Wildlife Department’s website at wdfw.wa.gov.

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