Bellingham’s Pickford Film Center now showing open-caption films

Pickford Film Center is holding weekly screenings of captioned versions of its movies so those who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy current releases.

The center, located at 1318 Bay St., will show open-captioned versions of films each Tuesday afternoon. So far, guests have been able to see Birdman ,” The Homesman,” “Top Five” and “The Imitation Game with open captions, according to a Pickford news release.

Guests who are hard of hearing also can use headphones that enhance sound.

By this spring, the Pickford staff plans to get two types of closed-caption receivers: glasses that reflect captions on the lenses and boxes that can be mounted on a cup holder, allowing users to receive captions at their seat.

“PFC welcomes input from potential users regarding accessibility,” Executive Director Susie Purves said in the announcement. “User experience is of the utmost importance when considering new equipment. We are eager to accommodate everyone who wants to see our theatrical releases at every screening as well as to better serve our community. Right now we hope people enjoy the Tuesday shows.”

Comments or questions can be sent to Pickford Marketing Manager Lindsey Gerhard at lindsey@pickfordfilmcenter.org.