Bellingham couple doesn’t let distance stop them from watching Seahawks together

Mark and Kris Scheib will find a way to watch the Seattle Seahawks together even when one of them is halfway around the world.

Mark Scheib works for Alcoa Intalco Works. In 2013, his job took him to Saudi Arabia, where he stayed for 14 months. During Seahawks games, he would call his wife via FaceTime and she would set up an iPad in front of the TV so they could watch at the same time.

“That’s our thing together, the Seahawks,” Kris said.

Mark said he decorated his room in Saudi Arabia with posters of Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. He called it his “Seahawks man room.” There were other coworkers who were Seahawks fans there with him, but he was the only one who would wake up and watch the games despite the 11-hour time difference.

Back home in Bellingham, Kris refused to go to games without her husband, even though the couple has had season tickets since 2004. She said she would rather watch it at home with her husband, even if it was only his face on a screen.

Mark’s daughter, Kesley Stauffer, said as a Seahawks fan herself, her father and stepmother take it to another level. Stauffer said everything they do revolves around the Seahawks.

“She thinks we’re crazy. She thinks we’re nuts,” Kris said.

When they make it to games, the couple is part of the “6th Avenue Tailgaters,” a group of around 40 people who get together before every home game. Mark said the tailgaters devour food representing the visiting team. For example, if the Arizona Cardinals come to town, the tailgaters eat Mexican food. If the St. Louis Rams visit Seattle, they eat St. Louis ribs.

In the couple’s home, what used to be a second bedroom is now a Seahawks shrine. One shelf is dedicated to player bobbleheads. The entire room is covered with Seahawks memorabilia, and much of it is signed by current or former players.

Another section of the room features a collection of Seahawks-themed Danbury Mint ornaments that Kris has collected each year for the last decade.

Stauffer said they are the perfect representation of the 12th Man.

“If that’s not serious fanhood, then I don’t know what is,” Stauffer said.