In this Lynden house, Seahawks and Patriots get equal play

The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks get equal playing time in Colleen and William Humphrey’s household.

The pepper shaker carries the Seahawks logo, the salt shaker is all Patriots. There’s a Fathead of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on one wall in the laundry room, while another wall has Patriots and Seahawks logos stuck on it. There’s a Patriots clock, other assorted stickers and blankets from both teams, and even a Patriots gnome in their collection of memorabilia.

In the home office of their Lynden house, Colleen is making two Seahawks curtains for the small windows, and a large Patriots curtain for the big bay window.

“After all, I’m the one sewing the curtains so I get to pick what the big window gets,” said Colleen, a devoted Patriots fan who grew up in Marlborough, Mass. The former season ticket holder still has receipts from games she attended, as well as programs, tickets and schedules.

“I don’t know if it’s called (being a) pack rat or just die-hard,” said Colleen, who moved away from Massachusetts in 2008.

Her husband William, 38, is a die-hard Seahawks fan who went to his first Seattle game in 1980 in the since-demolished Kingdome.

He wrote to The Bellingham Herald about his wife’s dedication to her team no matter that she’s now surrounded by Seahawks fans, his love for his team, and how their home expresses their individual devotion.

“We have always bought items for both teams and always made sure to make it equal,” he stated.

On Sunday, they’ll be at home cheering on their teams. William will be wearing his Seahawks gear. Colleen will be decked out in Patriots stuff.

She has a Patriots T-shirt, jacket, sweatshirt, socks and sweatpants. She also has a jersey with the number of retired Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson.

“He was my favorite player of all time when he played for the Patriots,” said Colleen, who had met Johnson. “Just as a person, as a player, he’s a really great guy.”

She hasn’t decided what she’ll wear on game day, except for one item.

“The jersey I’ll wear for sure. I have to wear that jersey if they’re going to win. That’s the Ted Johnson good-luck jersey,” she said.

Colleen, 48, hasn’t been shy about wearing the jersey to work.

“That’s what’s challenging is when I’m at work. I’m surrounded by Seahawks fans,” she said, adding that only one other person in the company, a recent hire from New England, is a Patriots fan.

But the other fan is traveling, “so I’m on my own,” she said with a laugh.

As for Super Bowl Sunday, the Humphreys said they’ll keep it civilized.

“We are going to root for our teams, not against the other team. We are hoping for a great game where the best team wins,” William said.

Colleen added: “I’ll be disappointed if we lose, but I won’t be mad if the Seahawks win.”

What will she do if her team loses?

“I’ll probably be throwing things at the TV,” she said.

And if the Patriots win?

“I’ll probably be sobbing,” Colleen said. “I’ll be cheering and I’ll be jumping.”