Longtime Patriots fan in Bellingham gets wished-for Super Bowl matchup

Linda Morrow has been a New England Patriots fan since 1966 — the year before the first Super Bowl was played and back when her team was known as the Boston Patriots.

“At the time professional football didn’t enjoy the popularity it does today,” Morrow, 74, wrote in an essay to The Bellingham Herald about her love of sports in general and the Patriots in particular.

Born in Needham, Mass., Morrow tells of going to games as a young girl at Braves Field and Fenway Park with her dad — “where Boston’s professional baseball teams played, and a quarter bought you a seat in the bleachers” — and of cheering on legendary racers at the Boston Marathon.

After many years in rural Vermont, where she cheered on the Patriots, Morrow moved to Bellingham in October 2013. Just in time for her, and wife Sue Ming, to root for the Seattle Seahawks in their Super Bowl win over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in February 2014. (The Broncos beat the Patriots to get to the Super Bowl.)

Since the start of this football season, Morrow’s been hoping for a Super Bowl matchup between the Patriots and the Seahawks.

“It would be kind of cool because obviously there would be a lot of Seahawks fans out here but, also, now that I’ve lived out here a little bit I follow the Seahawks too,” Morrow said. “To me it’s like having my two favorite teams playing against each other.”

“But I’m still absolutely definitely rooting for the Patriots,” she said, laughing.

Morrow said she’s taken some ribbing for being a Pats fan “awash in the land of the Hawks.”

“There’s a lot of good-natured bantering going on,” she said, adding that she liked seeing Seahawks fever.

She’ll be at a Super Bowl party Sunday, along with her wife and son Mike, who also is a Boston sports fan.

For good luck, Morrow will be wearing her “Perfection” T-shirt under a sweater. The shirt is a reminder of the Patriots’ undefeated regular season in 2007. She won’t be taking out her Tom Brady bobblehead, her vintage Patriots banner or her hat from the Patriots’ 2003 Super Bowl win, joking that she doesn’t want to incite Seahawks fans.

But she’ll yell “Gronk!” when New England’s all-pro tight end Rob Gronkowski makes a great catch, she said.

To Morrow, getting to the Super Bowl is the real challenge. Once your team is there, having good food and watching the commercials rank right up there with the game itself, she added.

So she won’t be devastated if the Patriots lose.

“The only thing is that on Monday morning I’m going to have cataract surgery on my left eye and I’m a little bit concerned that the surgeon may be a Hawks fan. Will I be safe if the Patriots win?” she joked.