Ferndale celebrates Seahawks by changing name to ‘12-Dale’

The city of Ferndale will change its name to ‘12-Dale’ for one day on Friday, Jan. 30.

Mayor Gary Jensen issued an official proclamation Wednesday, Jan. 28, that says the city will change its name to celebrate the Seattle Seahawks making it to back-to-back Super Bowls.

Jensen said in a press release that the name change was a way to enhance community spirit.

“We had a citizen make the suggestion and I couldn’t argue with another opportunity for folks in Ferndale to have some fun together,” Jensen said.

The proclamation also orders all city letterheads, car logos and signs to be changed April 1 to reflect the name change. This is unlikely to be carried out, since the city will change its name back to Ferndale on Saturday, Jan. 31.

Jensen also predicted the Seahawks will beat the New England Patriots 24-21 in the Super Bowl.