Bellingham manufacturer backs Seahawks with 12th Man bottle opener

A local manufacturing company is getting swept up in the Seattle Seahawks’ season and is making a keepsake that should last long after the Super Bowl.

K&K Industries has been manufacturing a steel 12th Man Seahawks keychain/bottle-opener and selling it to fans for $10. Co-owner Ali Morshedzadeh came up with the design and has a trademark. Once the bottle-opener is cut, it is sent to Mt. Baker Powder Coating in Bellingham for the blue or green coloring.

The Seahawks keychain has been a small side business, with sales online and at the stadium, but it’s been fun, he said.

“People love it because it’s not cheaply made,” Morshedzadeh said, adding that they use U.S. steel. “I really wanted to make something that incorporated the 12th Man into the design.”

Focusing on laser and router cutting, the company makes a wide variety of parts and equipment, including dentist chairs, farm equipment and industrial coffee machines. The idea of making a bottle opener has been a popular one with Morshedzadeh and many of the 20 employees who are fans. While some of the employees wear Seattle Seahawks attire at work, it can be hard to spot.

“We don’t want to get the jerseys dirty,” he said with a laugh. He tends to don his jersey after work is done for the day.

Morshedzadeh is also working on other Seahawk-related designs but plans on selling this one year-round.

K&K is a family-owned business, with the other owners being Morshedzadeh’s sister Mojdeh Naieni and his brother-in-law Shahrokh Naieni. The facility is in the Irongate Business Park, at 2025 Masonry Way.

For details on the bottle-opener, visit K&K’s Facebook page or call 360-756-9700.