Whatcom charter review board not yet ready for big issues

The Whatcom County Charter Review Commission holds its second meeting on Monday, Jan. 26, but probably isn’t ready for serious discussion of the issues that eventually will come before it.

Commissioners intend to announce before each meeting any proposed changes to the county charter that will come up for consideration, to let the public know about them in advance. The charter, essentially the county constitution, dictates, among other things, where council members come from, how long elected officials can serve, and how budgets get written. A 15-member commission is convened to review the charter every 10 years.

The agenda for Monday’s meeting includes a discussion of meeting locations outside Bellingham. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Garden Room of the Civic Center, 322 N. Commercial St.

County elected officials were invited to attend the meeting and discuss how the charter affects them.