Bellingham City Hall marks 75 years

City Hall will ring in its 75th year at the heart of local government activities with a celebration Monday afternoon, Jan. 26.

The hall was built in 1939 in the Art Deco PWA (Public Works Administration) Moderne style, by federally funded workers in a job-starved, Depression-era Bellingham. This month it will have been in operation for 75 years.

To mark the occasion, Mayor Kelli Linville and historic preservation consultant Lynette Felber will make a presentation at 4 p.m. Monday in the hall, located at 210 Lottie St. In 2011, Felber applied and got the building placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Students from Birchwood Elementary School will sing after the presentation, and the Bellingham Fire Department will display its restored 1930 white fire engine at the building. Photos from Whatcom Museum will be displayed in the lobby to show the history of the hall.

The event will be broadcast live on BTV10.