Lifelong love of Seahawks pays off for Bellingham man

Kevin Johnson’s house is painted Seattle Seahawks blue. Inside, a 12th Man flag greets him at the door, and a signed Russell Wilson photo hangs downstairs opposite a Steve Largent lithograph his mom gave him in the fifth grade.

For Kevin, the Seahawks represent home.

“I know this about myself for sure: I am the world’s biggest homer,” Kevin said. “To even think about having a favorite team from another place seems so counterintuitive to me. I live here. Why wouldn’t I obviously be a Sonics, and a Mariners, and a Seahawks fan? That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Kevin can’t remember a time when he didn’t identify as a Seahawks fan.

He was born and raised in Bellingham. He went to Happy Valley Elementary School, Fairhaven Middle School and Sehome High School, where he is now a leadership and social studies teacher. He attended college at Western Washington University.

He has pictures in his home of him wearing Seahawks shirts at the age of three.

His fondest memories as a child always had to do with his hometown teams. He remembers the first time he watched a Seahawks game with his family, thinking, “What is this and why can I not watch it every day?” He remembers the first time he went to a game at the Kingdome, and the fascination he felt knowing he was in the same stadium as the players.

“My heroes growing up were Seattle sports heroes,” Kevin said.

He and his wife, Jenny Johnson, built their Bellingham home in 2003. They made an agreement: He could paint the outside of the home whatever color he wanted as long as he didn’t interfere too much with Jenny’s ideas for the interior.

So, of course, he took a miniature Seahawks helmet to the store and found paint colors to match.

When Kevin plays fantasy football, he won’t start any players if they are facing the Seahawks that week. This cost him his fantasy football championship once, when he refused to start Peyton Manning in the championship game because the Indianapolis Colts were playing the Seahawks.

“I never want to have to root against the Seahawks,” Kevin said.

He said the first thing his students notice at Sehome High School is that he’s a Seahawks fan. He is always wearing blue or green and has five player jerseys. Even his dog has two Seahawks jerseys.

“He’s a loyal fan, to the core,” Jenny Johnson said.

It appears Kevin’s lifelong love for the team is finally paying off. He recalls back when he was in seventh grade the Seahawks won the AFC West and his mom bought him a Seahawks shirt. He wore it to school the next day, and all the other kids made fun of him for wearing it.

“Now they won the Super Bowl, and that seventh-grade version of me is totally vindicated,” he said.