Whatcom County residents urged to give blood to make up for shortages

The region’s blood bank is calling on people to donate blood and platelets between now and Jan. 24 to make up for critical shortages that occurred during the holidays, when the number of donors fell by 20 percent.

There is an acute shortage of platelets and O-negative red cells, which is the blood type that can be given to patients of any other blood type.

Platelets are the part of blood that helps stop bleeding.

While the Puget Sound Blood Center is trying to make up those specific shortages, it also would like donors of all blood types to come in to keep up the supply.

The center supports nearly 90 hospitals in the Northwest

To donate: Go online to psbc.org to find locations and to make an appointment to give, including in Bellingham at 410 W Bakerview Road, Suite 117. Or call 1-800-398-7888.