Bellingham Coast Guard rescue nominated for top video

BELLINGHAM -- A dramatic rescue moments before a teenager would have drowned is among the nominees for the top Coast Guard video of 2014.

A helicopter captured the effort on video as Guardsmen from Coast Guard Station Bellingham struggled to reach two people after their kayaks had capsized.

Three kayakers were in Rosario Strait near Cypress Island the afternoon of May 29 when they got caught in a current change and one of them capsized, said Chief Petty Officer Sara Mooers. A second one capsized in his effort to save the other. The third kayaker paddled to nearby Strawberry Island.

A tugboat reported the two kayakers in distress, and Coast Guard quickly responded with a helicopter and a 25-foot response boat. The kayakers suffered from hypothermia and were rushed to medical treatment in Anacortes. The third kayaker later was picked up from the island. All three were wearing life vests.

Two of those involved in the rescue narrate the video, which is less than 3 minutes.

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