Whatcom Humane Society honored for its vegetarian food policy

A California animal sanctuary has named Whatcom Humane Society as its Shelter of the Month for serving meatless meals at its public events.

Food For Thought, a campaign by Animal Place of Grass Valley, Calif., honors shelters, humane societies and other rescue agencies that have adopted animal-friendly vegan or vegetarian menu policies. In addition to dogs and cats, shelters like Whatcom Humane Society sometimes rescue farmed animals like rabbits, chickens, and goats.

“I feel strongly that anyone working in the animal welfare field should walk the walk and talk the talk,” said WHS executive director Laura Clark in a press release. “It makes people stop and think, which is a great thing.”

Clark appears in a Food for Thought video to encourage other shelters to adopt a similar meal policy. To view the video, which features Animal Planet’s “Cat Daddy” Jackson Galaxy, see foodforthoughtcampaign.org/campaign-video.html.

For more information about the local agency, go to whatcomhumane.org.