Mt. Baker Ski Area cancels ski opening

Pounding rain overnight melted away inches of snow, forcing Mt. Baker Ski Area officials to cancel the planned Thanksgiving opening day of skiing.

The ski area had planned a very limited opening, with just the hand tow and Chair 2 operating.

Heather Meadows Lodge and the retail shop will be open until 2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 27. Disappointed skiiers still can get lunch, spiced wine and microbrews. They also can do some hiking.

On Wednesday, ski area officials announced the opening based on the snow on the ground -- 21 inches at Heather Meadows and 30 inches at Pan Dome. The change was announced after 7 a.m. Thursday when those totals had been reduced to 14 and 20 inches respectively.

In an earlier snow report, they included some humor about the weather problems.

“We were served up a really nice plate of base building snow last week, but the warm front came along and gobbled some of it up. Gobble gobble,” the report stated.

The opening day for skiing now looks like it could be days off. The ski area is expected to get some snow Friday, but the National Weather Service forecast is calling for only a few inches total. After that comes a cold front with no precipitation, meaning no snow over the following several days.

The ski area usually opens around Thanksgiving each season, although it opened on Nov. 21 the last two seasons.

Details and the snow report: mtbaker.us.