Heavy rains put Nooksack River on flood watch

The Nooksack River is under flood watch through late Wednesday night as heavy rains are expected to cause river levels to rise significantly.

Heavy rain in the lowlands is expected in two waves, according to the National Weather Service. The first between Monday night, Nov. 24, and Wednesday could produce up to 2 inches of rain along the coast, a little less inland and several inches of snow in the mountains. This could push the Nooksack to flood levels in some spots.

The second storm wave, expected to be even heavier in this area, is forecast to hit Wednesday night through Friday. That also could produce flooding. People who live in flood-prone areas are advised to make preparations and keep up to date on river forecasts.

Forecasters say it’s still hard to predict exactly where these storms will hit the hardest and dump the most rain and snow.

Here's a look at the National Weather Service's chart of river levels in Ferndale: