WTA to hold hearing on minor changes to fare rules

Whatcom Transportation Authority will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Sept. 18, before finalizing changes to its fare rates and rules.

Fares will remain unchanged; most trips will still cost $1.

People riding the “safety net” service, which is off regular bus routes, would be able to pay only in cash under the proposal. Also, people who attend vocational schools, such as Bellingham Beauty School, would be eligible for the lower-price student passes.

WTA staff also proposes bringing back free fare week in August that was last offered in 2009.

Changes approved by the WTA Board of Directors after the public hearing would go into effect no sooner than Oct. 1. The hearing will begin shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday, at the county courthouse, 311 Grand Ave.

Read the full “Fare Rates and Rules” document at ridewta.com/farechanges.