Bellingham family canceled overseas trip

Early that morning my daughter came in my bedroom, woke me up and said, "Mom, dad's on the phone and he said you better get up and turn on the TV." Both towers had been hit by that time and everyone knew this was not an accident.

My husband is a trucker and was unloading in Canada when some men on the dock made a comment about "the U.S. being at war." We were not sure if the border crossing would remain open for him to return to our home in Bellingham. Fortunately that was not a problem.

I had a ticket to fly to Holland with my two daughters and my mother on the 13th. This was going to be a once in a lifetime trip for my daughters; before they started their families, to go to the country of their heritage. Of course our flights were cancelled and rescheduled for a few days later.

The night before we were to fly out of Vancouver to Amsterdam, three out of four of us decided not to go. We did not like the idea of leaving our country. What was going to happen while were abroad? It was such a dismal, frightening time, and home, with our loved ones, was the best place to be.

Looking back, I wish we would have gone. It would have been a shorter vacation, maybe a bit glum, but we were never able to make up that once in a lifetime trip.

- Evelyn HoekstraBellingham