Airport firefighter watched in horror as towers fell

My daughter had just awakened me, as I had worked the night before, advising me that a plane had crashed into a building. She was up and getting ready for school.

I, an airport firefighter, found it odd that my pager had never gone off. I turned on the TV to find the most tragic scene of the twin towers with flame and smoke raging into the sky. At this time, I knew it was not in Whatcom County.

Within minutes of getting my breakfast ready I almost collapsed, as I watched the second of plane fly into the second tower. At this time, I watched in horror and knew this was terrorism.

It was odd going into the airport here in Bellingham, to find an empty terminal with no one around as the FAA had advised no commercial or general aviation. We all know the outcome of that date, however, I will never forget how I found out and where I was on that fateful day.

- John Crawford