Bellingham woman remembers the sound of silence at school, mall

My brothers and I were scrambling around, getting ready for school. I heard my dad yell to my mom, "Something happened to one of the twin towers, it's on fire!" I was 16 at the time.

Though in shock, we kept getting ready. Then came another yell, "Oh my god! A plane just went into the other tower! Oh my god!! ...

Fast Forward. ...Teachers and kids were silent at school that day. We had the news on every channel in every class. Our principal said a prayer over the intercom.

After school, I took my brother to the (very empty) Cascade Mall parking lot to drive his new remote control car. I literally remember like it was yesterday, the absolute stillness and silence of empty air space and streets.

I fell in love with my country that day. As the quote goes, "I dream of a day when my son has to ask, 'Mama? What's war?"

- Chelsey PrinceBellingham


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