Ferndale student recalls watching news coverage at school

September of 2001, I had just begun high school in Ferndale. Most mornings before school, on weeks that I lived with my dad, I came downstairs early to watch the news while he cooked breakfast for me.

On the 11th, I was up earlier than usual, and found that the news was on louder than usual. My dad filled me in on the planes crashing in New York; I believe I walked in as the second plane hit the South Tower. We continued watching the news, as the reports of other hijacked planes came in, until the report of an explosion at the Pentagon. I remember speculation of a car bomb, or perhaps a bus exploded.

I continued watching the news as the buildings collapsed, before leaving for school. The first class was Spanish, and like most other students at the school, we spent the morning watching the news. One student's brother worked in the Pentagon, and we were relieved to hear that he was not hurt. I finally realized the extent of the tragedy when I learned that many students had been kept home by their parents that day. I thought of Pearl Harbor and the World Wars, and wondered if that day was the beginning of the next World War.

- Jennifer HughesFerndale


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