Gunfire at Lynden fair injures multiple people

LYNDEN -- A fight at the Northwest Washington Fair erupted into gunfire Saturday night, Aug. 20.

Authorities say there are multiple victims from the shooting, all apparently linked to the fight. No specifics on how many victims or the severity of their injuries were released.

One person was in custody and being questioned, authorities on scene said Saturday night. Whatcom County Sheriff's deputies and Lynden Police were investigating. They declined to give more details.

The fight happened about 10:05 p.m. not far from the Haggen stage area and one of the main food courts. Witnesses reported hearing the pop of gunshots, then seeing the fighters run off. One of the injured was holding his abdominal area as he tried to run.

Witnesses also reported seeing a man with a gun flee from the fight toward the carnival area. They believed there to be three or four victims. Several witnesses estimated the victims were in their early 20s.

Early reports were the shootings happened in two areas - one where the fight was and the other a short distance away but still in the fairgrounds. Exactly how the scene moved wasn't clear late Saturday.

The shooting happened during the final hour of the fair's weeklong run, after most people had departed but before some of the late-night attractions, like the carnival, had shut down.

Fair Manager Jim Baron said it was the first time a shooting has happened at the Northwest Washington Fair.