2011 WISH BOOK: Whatcom County charity wishes

Welcome to the 2011 Wish Book — your opportunity to connect with local service agencies to help those in need. We asked agencies to share three needs — from volunteers to cash donations to goods both new and gently used. We know tough economic times are no match for the generosity of Whatcom County people, businesses and organizations. We present the Wish Book to assist high school students looking for potential senior projects, employee groups planning holiday donations, parents looking to teach the spirit of giving to their children and others in finding options for giving and making a difference in Whatcom County.

Please contact the agencies directly to make a donation or to volunteer.


Allied Arts of Whatcom County | 360-676-8548 ext. 3; aaep@alliedarts.org; alliedarts.org | Mission: Allied Arts’ mission is to sustain and enrich our community through the arts. We do this by helping artists further their careers and making the arts accessible to everyone in Whatcom County. | Wishes: 1. Art class: A two-hour, hands-on workshop for an entire class ($100). 2. Recycled art workshop: Info on recycling and a class to create art from recycled objects ($150). 3. Theater or dance residency: Places a theater/ dance artist in a class-room to develop a production with students ($500).

Bellingham Threshold Choir | 360-734-7979; lindasongs@lindasongs.com; bellinghamthresholdchoir.org | Mission: The Bellingham Threshold Choir is a group of women whose mission is to lovingly sing in small groups, in an intimate setting, to bring ease and peace to individuals who are struggling to live or to die. We are secular, and there is no charge for our services. | Wishes: 1. Cash donation or equal service to help cover the cost of sheet music ($400). 2. Cash donation for retreat scholarships, either for members or director to further training in our work ($600). 3. Cash donation to help compensate our director, who trains and teaches choir members in the skill of compassionate bedside singing ($1,200).

Center for Expressive Arts | 360-671-5355; ceaee123@gmail.com; centerforexpressivearts.com | Mission: Our mission is to provide art and recreation activities for families at affordable prices. We provide teachers with training and subsidize their costs to help them get started. Our training has an emphasis in social skills building so teachers and students find ways to reach the needs of every individual. | Wishes: 1. Donations to support our outreach to foster care and low-income families ($200 provides 10 families with a month of activi-ties). 2. Support our overhead costs and keep our programs affordable for families ($5,000 a month covers one paid staff member and rent). 3. Teachers with new ideas for activities and volunteers to help with spring, summer outreach.

Make.Shift | 510-499-0535; info@makeshiftproject.com; makeshiftproject.com | Mission: Make.Shift is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the hurdles faced by independent musicians in Whatcom County. We’re working to open our new all-ages, downtown arts and music hub, for concerts, band practice, community screen printing, a local music library and more. | Wishes: 1. Funds to establish an unprecedented local, all-ages music and resource library ($1,000). 2. 12 sheets of OSB lumber and 100 10-foot 2x6s. This will allow us to complete necessary renovations to our new, downtown, all-ages music hub. 3. $800 to establish our community screen printing studio.

Mount Baker Theatre Organ Society | 360-714-8235; grst@comcast.net; mountbakertoshome.com | Mission: We’re a small charity dedicated to preserving the Mt. Baker’s original 1927 mighty Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ in all its glory; to broadening community appreciation of this treasure by sponsoring concerts on one of the last great ones! | Wishes: 1. Assist in replacing the 1927 technology with mod-ern electronics ($700). 2. Help bring one of the truly renowned organ artists to Bellingham to play a concert on this marvelous instru-ment’s 1022 pipes and accessories ($900). 3. Help fund bringing county and Bellingham music students in for a special concert, and an opportunity to try playing it ($700).

Spinning Glass Project | 360-201-6665; matt@spinningglass.org; spinningglass.org | Mission: The Spinning Glass Project allows users to analyze a changing environment by comparing images based on a common object. The initial project is being used to show the impact of flight patterns on our community. | Wishes: 1. Software licensing costs for development. 2. Data storage capacity. 3. Hosting service costs.

The Amadeus Project | 360-815-1825; theamadeusproject@yahoo.com; theamadeusproject.org | Mission: The Amadeus Project is a mu-sic institution for the Bellingham community, with a premiere concert hall for intimate performances of various art forms and teaching studios for students of all ages and abilities to explore their own abilities to create authentic music. | Wishes: 1. Fund one student scholarship for one month ($150) or fund one student scholarship for one year ($1,500). 2. Fund concert hall rentals for charity events and for artists and artistic groups who would be otherwise unable to perform their work ($100 each). 3. $25 donations toward the purchase of our second fine grand piano (up to $25,000).

Whatcom Poetry Series Poetrynight | 360-303-3215; robert@poetrynight.org; poetrynight.org | Mission: Poetrynight is Bellingham’s largest and longest-running poetry series, hosting open mic readings, special events, education workshops and more. The PIPE (Poetry in Public Education) Program has provided workshops and readings at schools in Whatcom and Skagit counties. A program of the Whatcom Poetry Series, Poetrynight is a nonprofit organization. | Wishes: 1. Sound board/mixer; patch cables, microphone, cord, stand; amp, small speakers for our weekly podcast recording of the readings. 2. Twelve performance fees to fund one visiting poet per month ($100 each). 3. Twelve workshop fees for producing poetry writing workshops in schools around Whatcom and Skagit counties ($70 each).

Whatcom Symphony Orchestra | 360-318-7682; info@whatcomsymphony.com; whatcomsymphony.com | Mission: A great city deserves a great orchestra. The Whatcom Symphony Orchestra enriches our community, nourishes our spirit and fosters the love of musical arts. Since 1975, the dedicated musicians of the WSO have presented live orchestral music to thousands, as well as inspiring in-school music education programs for our children. | Wishes: 1. A high-resolution, large flatbed Plustek scanner for digitizing and reproducing orchestral music scores for performance and educational projects ($500). 2. An in-kind donation of 1,000 square feet of office space and utili-ties near the museum and theater district downtown ($18,000 annually). 3. Sponsor the Music in the Schools live demonstration program for the children of two Whatcom County schools ($2,500).

Young Writers Studio | 260-920-5903; stephanie@youngwritersstudio.org; youngwritersstudio.org | Mission: Young Writers Studio con-nects volunteers with Whatcom County youth ages 8-18 to support students’ abilities to communicate through writing. We offer creative writing workshops and one-on-one writing coaching both in local schools (at no cost) and in our studio in Bellingham. | Wishes: 1. Cash donation or sponsorship of our semi-annual literary journal, “Snippets from the Pens of Young Writers.” 2. Cash donation toward re-sources and materials needed to support local classrooms with workshops and one-on-one support for students, a service free to schools. 3. Adult volunteers to work with students in a variety of capacities.


Coastal Conservation Association (North Sound) | 360-319-6901; northsound@ccapnw.org; ccapnw.org | Mission: The North Sound Chapter of CCA is a grassroots, community organization focused on restoring once abundant salmon, steelhead and other marine re-sources. Included in our efforts has been outreach to youth about the importance of fisheries and habitat restoration. | Wishes: 1. We would like to buy 15-20 fly-tying vices to use at our youth events. We do approximately 2-3 each year ($30 each). 2. We would like a donation to go towards buying fly-tying material (feathers, thread, etc.) used in tying flies.

Dharmakirti Buddhist Center | 360-752-3194; info@meditateinnwwashington.org; meditateinbellingham.org | Mission: Dharmakirti Buddhist Center offers Kadampa Buddhist teachings dedicated to helping busy people find meaning and purpose in their lives and the development of genuine inner peace and happiness. Our purpose is to offer a path of wisdom and compassion through Kadampa Buddhism. | Wishes: 1. New computer for doing finances, publicity development and updating.

Ferndale Community Resource Center | 360-380-2200; coordinator@ferndalecrc.org; ferndalecrc.org | Mission: FCRC offers knowledgeable staff to connect people with local and community resources; people share skills and talents with one another; individuals and organizations work together to enhance community well-being. We collaborate with city, school, church and other community organizations to support everyone living in the Ferndale School District. | Wishes: 1. Monetary donations to support parenting and financial literacy classes. These could include Strengthening Families Program, The Whatcom Dream, FLARE, and Stewards of Children, among others. 2. Our leadership team welcomes any community member eager to support the development of the Resource Center. We meet once a month. 3. FCRC is a program of the Ferndale Community Service Cooperative, which seeks board members.

Ferndale Double Dome | 360-739-0408; zmanz@comcast.net; ferndaledoubledome.orgFerndale Friendship | Mission: To research, design and build a sustainable, low-cost, indoor, public swimming pool in Ferndale. To instigate, educate and motivate Whatcom County residents and corporations towards this end. | Wishes: 1. Bellingham Herald and KGMI advertising to be used this summer ($10,000).

Ferndale Friendship Community Garden | 360-392-8104; rainglo@comcast.net | Mission: The Ferndale Friendship Community Garden (FFCG) exists to nourish the community by empowering people to grow food sustainably. The FFCG has 28 garden beds, a children’s garden and a giving garden that send all produce to the Ferndale Food Bank. | Wishes: 1. Money or materials to reconfigure the giving garden to make it safer and more functional. Beds will be non-treated wood construction. 2. Money or materials to put up a deer fence. We believe in sharing, but the deer do not. 3. Money or materials to repair torn plastic on the hoop house, and to build doors at each end.

Friends of the Bellingham Public Library | 360-778-7250; bellinghamfriends@yahoo.com; bellinghampubliclibrary.org/quick links/friendsofthelibrary.aspx | Mission: The Friends assist the Bellingham Public Library to better serve the citizens by: Encouraging community support of the library; raising money for library needs, sponsoring educational and enrichment programs for all ages; encouraging literacy by making free reading material available and through our reasonably priced book sales. | Wishes: 1. Mini shopping carts, like at grocery stores, for patrons to use while browsing. 2. 100 stereo headphones and 100 ear buds for patrons to use at the library’s public computer stations. 3. Library book cart, wooden or metal, to replace a broken one. Friends volunteers use carts to sort and transport thousands of donations monthly.

Imagine NW! | 360 319-4772; imaginenw@gmail.com; imaginenw.org | Mission: Imagine NW! envisions all people, their places, the natural environment and social life together characterized as safe, healthy, joyous and meaningful. The mission of Imagine NW! is to partner with local citizen organizations, faith groups, and businesses on common interests that transform life for all! | Wishes: 1. An opportunity to train and equip 75 Whatcom County citizens in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) ($50 per person). 2. Dona-tions totaling $1,800 that match $3,000 we’ve received to date that support us in our ability to seek grants. 3. People who volunteer to help us promote our upcoming training events related to ABCD in Whatcom County.

Kulshan Community Land Trust | 360-671-5600; info@kulshanclt.org; kulshanclt.org | Mission: Kulshan Community Land Trust strengthens community by holding land in trust for permanently affordable homeownership and other community needs, and by offering financial and educational services to people of limited means. | Wishes: 1. 6-by-3-foot conference table with eight chairs for our office. 2. New computers with monitors for our office. 3. Solar panels or other building materials for next building project.

Opportunity Council | 360-734-5121; info@oppco.org; oppco.org | Mission: The Opportunity Council is a local community action agency providing basic services and information to help low-income and homeless families and individuals. OC programs include home-less housing, energy-bill assistance, hot meals, Head Start, home weatherization, child care resources and more. | Wishes: 1. Funds for preschool books for children in low-income households to support kindergarten readiness at home ($400). 2. Donations to make small minor home repairs like new water heater elements ($100-$1,000). 3. Funds for large cooking pots and utensils for Maple Alley Inn to help provide hot meals and expand services for people who are hungry ($500).

Whatcom County Library Foundation | 360-384-3150 ext. 387; jennifer.rick@wcls.org; wcls.org | Mission: The mission of the Whatcom County Library Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2005, is to promote and enhance libraries in the Whatcom County Library System. Our aims are to foster intellectual freedom and First Amendment rights and to encourage lifelong learning. | Wishes: 1. Books for the Juvenile Detention Center Book Club. A gift card to Village Books for any amount would help buy titles for this club. 2. E-readers for Summer Readers. Five color Nooks to loan to middle school students who struggle to visit the library due to transportation issues. 3. Teen Summer Reading prizes ($50 Costco gift cards).

Whatcom County Old Settlers Association | 360-224-8128; embcreate@aol.com; whatcomoldsettlers.com | Mission: The mission of the Whatcom County Old Settlers Association is to perpetuate through a summer festival the memory of the early pioneers of Whatcom County. | Wishes: 1. To get a donation of $800 for our children’s learning program at Pioneer Park. 2. To receive a $500 donation to supply t-shirts for the Pioneer Days Fun Run/Walk. 3. $1,000 donation towards the entertainment on the outdoor stage in Pioneer Park.

Whatcom Land Trust | 360-650-9470; connie@whatcomlandtrust.org; whatcomlandtrust.org | Mission: To preserve and protect wildlife habitat, scenic, agricultural and open space lands in Whatcom County for future generations by securing interests in land and promoting land stewardship. | Wishes: 1. Prizes for our Junior Stewards kids summer environmental education program: Carson Adventure Pak, Animal Tracks Bottle Wrap, Guide to PNW ($225). 2. Celestron Outland 10x42 waterproof binoculars for use on Whatcom Land Trust tours ($185). 3. Ten 3-inch hand lenses with 6x magnifying power for use on Whatcom Land Trust tours ($80).

Whatcom Volunteer Center | 360-734-3055; chore@whatcomvolunteer.org; whatcomvolunteer.org | Mission: Whatcom Volunteer Center’s mission is to promote and support effective service to improve our community, linking more than 4,000 volunteers with more than 400 opportunities to serve in Whatcom County. | Wishes: 1. Gas-powered weed eater for our Volunteer Chore Program to assist seniors and adults with disabilities with yardwork. 2. Gift cards to hardware stores to cover cost of repairs seniors and adults with disabilities are unable to afford (i.e. lumber, piping). 3. Donations to cover cost of maintaining equipment volunteers use to help seniors and adults with disabilities (i.e. tool sharpening, carpet cleaner repairs).


Bellingham Christian School | 360-733-7303; schmidt@bellinghamchristianschool.org; | Mission: Bellingham Christian School is a non-denominational Christian school serving preschool through eighth-grade children. We provide a high-quality Christian education that promotes authentic Christian character among students who will impact the world for Christ. | Wishes: 1. PE supplies: soccer, tennis and pickle balls, stop watches. 2. Kindergarten room needs 20 large rectangle laundry baskets for organizing student supplies. 3. Fifth-grade room needs document projector to use with text books.

Bellingham Public Schools Special Education Preschool | 360-676-6420 ext. 5960; gina.ney@bellinghamschools.org; bellingham-schools.org | Mission: The developmental preschool at Happy Valley School serves the needs of students ages 3-5 with developmental disabilities ranging from autism and significant sensory needs to communication disorders and motor issues. | Wishes: 1. Oversized beanbag chair ($130 at Company Kids), but I would take anything with a fabric cover!

Bellingham School District | 360-676-6454; bellinghamschools.org | Mission: Ready for college, career, and citizenship. Learn. Personalize. Engage. To provide all students with access to a challenging and nurturing education so they can be successful in life. | Wishes: 1. Class set of “A Loss For Words” for Bellingham’s new American Sign Language program so students can learn about deaf culture (ap-proximately $300). 2. Support high school students in Bellingham’s American Sign Language program to go to a deaf cultural event in Seattle ($500).

Bernice Vossbeck Elementary School | 360-354-0488; olsonka@lynden.wednet.edu; lynden.wednet.edu/be | Mission: Bernice Vossbeck Elementary School is committed to academic and personal excellence! We emphasize a quest for quality in literacy and other basic skills, building a foundation of respect for people and property, and the importance of creative, productive, lifelong learning. | Wishes: 1. Age-appropriate kindergarten subscription for Scholastics weekly social studies program to teach critical skills including reading, math, and science ($280). 2. Environmentally friendly bamboo building blocks for kindergartners to design imagination-inspiring homes and bridges. Multicultural block play people to explore children from around the world ($100). 3. Magnet Builders to explore 3-D shapes and their properties as they build ($80).

Blaine Primary PTO | 360-332-1300; blainepto@gmail.com | Mission: Blaine Primary Parent Teacher Organization hosts community building family fun nights for our 450 students and their families. We also raise funds to provide our students with items the budget cannot, such as educational field trips, assemblies and classroom supplies. | Wishes: 1. Replace cracked slide now patched with tape: Item ZZCH3106 & ZZCH6326 w/shipping & tax ($1,683.02 from Northwest Playground Equipment Inc. 425-303-9161, or jaime@nwplayground.com). 2. White 8 1/2x11 copy paper, 20 pound, to advertise events throughout the year. 3. Astrobright paper, 24 pound, any color, any amount.

Central Elementary | 360-383-9609; dawn.bungard@fsd.k12.wa.us; ferndale.wednet.edu/central/ index.html | Mission: More than 70 percent of our students receive free or reduced lunches. We serve 300-plus students at the school with a very diverse population. We provide a safe and loving place where all students can learn. | Wishes: 1. Funds to purchase classroom tables for student work areas ($800). 2. Funds to purchase a reading rug for the reading center ($300). 3. 25 sets of markers and crayons for each student.

Compass 2 Campus at Western Washington University | 360-650-4565; shar.sarteprince@wwu.edu; wce.wwu.edu/c2c | Mission: Compass 2 Campus (C2C) is a donation-funded program at Western that trains university students to mentor in local schools. C2C has provided over 30,000 hours of mentoring to 1,700 mentees, boosting GPAs, reducing truancy and encouraging graduation. Participating fifth-graders tour WWU to visualize college as a goal. | Wishes: 1. Backpacks for touring fifth graders, filled with school related items. Backpacks are proudly kept and used for years. 2. Lanyards that can be reused for nametags for fifth-graders in individualized tour groups on tour day.

Eagleridge Elementary | 360-383-9731; caljorem@gmail.com; ferndale.wednet.edu | Mission: I am a first-grade teacher in Ferndale School District. I have a classroom of 26 that is half Native American students. I have many struggling readers. I need people to come and read with my students on a regular basis. | Wishes: 1. Need friendly volunteers to come in on a regular basis to help students. It needs to be on a consistent basis.

Explorations Academy | 360-671-8085; allison@explorationsacademy.org; explorationsacademy.org | Mission: Explorations Academy is a fully accredited, independent high school. We inspire capable young people to realize their full potential in a diverse community of learners who are globally aware, intellectually engaged, and prepared for the 21st century. We offer a dynamic faculty, small classes, field trips, international travel and service projects. | Wishes: 1. Six two-line business phones with caller ID (conference and hold options preferred). Current system is 10 years old and cannot accommodate our growing faculty. 2. Projector with speakers, ceiling mount, laptop compatible connection, PowerPoint and movie compatible for our library (2,500 lumens or more, zoom, remote and automatic focus preferred). 3. Forty percent of students receive assistance — cash/matching donations/grants/business partnerships for financial aid are critical. We never turn away an appropriate student for lack of funds.

Fisher Elementary School | 360-354-4291; millera@lynden.wednet.edu; lynden.wednet.edu/fisher | Mission: In fifth grade we study American history. Many of the students in my classroom are below grade level and I need historical fiction books that they can read. In addition, my class is now out of pencils. Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated. | Wishes: 1. Copies of “Revolutionary War on Wednesday” ($3.99 each), copies of “Sam the Minuteman” ($3.99 each, Amazon.com). 2. Copies of “Five Smooth Stones: Hopes Revolutionary War Diary” ($4.99 each, scholastic books.com). 3. Boxes of Office Depot No. 2 wood pencils (72 count, item #733601, $5.99 each).

Friends of Gordon Carter | 360-920-1676; info@friendsofgordoncarter.org; supportfgc.org | Mission: Friends of Gordon Carter, a non-profit organization, is committed to providing environmental education to all students of the Bellingham School District at the Gordon L. Carter Environmental Education Site in Bellingham. Community support and private funding are now essential to keep the programs alive. | Wishes: 1. Cover the single-student curriculum cost for the third-grade Pioneer Program at the Gordon L. Carter Conservation Site ($35). 2. Cover the $30,000 annual Pioneer Program curriculum cost for all third-grade students in the Bellingham School District (30 at $1,000 each). 3. Fund the third-grade Pioneer Program on an ongoing basis, and fully reinstate the Field Science curriculum to all sixth-grade students ($100,000).

Harmony Elementary School 4th grade | 360-383-2050; bwebb@mtbaker.wednet.edu; | Mission: The Mount Baker School District, working with the community, will provide a strong educational foundation upon which all students can build their futures as productive citizens in our changing world. | Wishes: 1. Passenger fare on VSJC Boat from Bellingham to San Juan Island for history field trip to American/British Camp after researching the Pig War ($600 for 23 students/teacher).

Harmony Elementary School Intermediate Intensive | Learning Center 360-383-2050; harmony@mtbaker.wednet.edu; mtbaker.wednet.edu/harmony/ | Mission: The Intensive Learning Center serves students with moderate to severe disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and Down’s syndrome. We teach students academics including reading, writing, and math as well as social skills, self help, basic living skills, and fine and gross motor skills. | Wishes: 1. LeapDesk Workstation for students learning letter names, sounds, and phonemic awareness skills with built in motivation plus teacher assessments and reports ($342.50 including shipping). 2. Calendar Math Center for whole group instruction in calendar skills, patterns, estimation, counting and place value ($123.53 including shipping). 3. Early Math Instant Learning Centers from Lakeshore ($223.35 including shipping).

Irene Reither Primary School | 360-398-2111; swaterma@meridian.wednet.edu | Mission: Irene Reither Primary School is a K-3 school in the Meridian School District. With an amazing staff and some incredible kids, IRPS is a close-knit school where adults and students enjoy playing and learning together. | Wishes: 1. Quality soccer balls for our playground. We have many students who play soccer at recess and they would love some decent balls. 2. Equipment for indoor recess: bean bags, ring toss, plastic bowling set, buckets of Legos, or any other inside games. 3. Cash donation for other playground equipment, which would be purchased from an educational equipment catalog. Possible purchases might be new jump ropes, hula hoops, etc. ($200).

Meridian FFA Booster Club | 360-319-8657; robhorgen@aol.com | Mission: It is the mission of the Meridian FFA Booster Club to sup-port the educational opportunities of Meridian FFA Chapter members. We offer financial support, as well as opportunities to live out their motto “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.” | Wishes: 1. We would love to have someone donate an RV-style awning for our concession trailer. We actually need one for each side. 2. We are in need of barn and fencing supplies. These will enable FFA students to have animal projects at the school. 3. There is always need for FFA jackets. (New ones are $49, but there may be some hanging in closets that could be recycled!)

Nooksack Valley Middle School | 360-966-7561; nv.k12.wa.us/ms | Mission: Nooksack Valley Middle School’s mission is to ensure the success of all students. Our staff is dedicated to improving instruction through quality professional development experiences. Our di-verse student population is provided with many opportunities for success. | Wishes: 1. Comfortable, attractive couches and chairs in the classroom, so students know we care enough about them to enhance their environment. 2. Books to increase my classroom library to include more non-fiction and more multicultural and social justice fiction.

North Cascades Institute | 360-586-2599; nci@ncascades.org; ncascades.org/school | Mission: North Cascades Institute seeks to inspire a closer relationship with nature through direct experiences in the natural world. Our mission is to conserve and restore Northwest environments through education. | Wishes: 1. A scholarship for a class of students to attend Mountain School ($1,000). 2. Funds for camping equipment for students to experience a night under the stars at Mountain School ($500). 3. Funds for warm clothing so children can experience the natural world in Mountain School without having to purchase anything at all ($500).

Sehome High School DECA | 360-676-6482; sarah.bolser@ bellinghamschools.org; sehome.bellinghamschools.org/ default.htm | Mis-sion: Sehome DECA will provide students hands-on learning in business and marketing that supports what is learned through traditional methods. Sehome DECA is there to give an opportunity to all students who are willing to work and want to learn about business and marketing. | Wishes: 1. New counter, countertops and glass/jewelry display cases for our new store location. New freezer and refrigerator, slat wall and clothing displays. 2. Cash donations to help students attend DECA conferences and compete at the state and national level. 3. 8-10 new computers or laptops, one Quickbooks accounting software license and Quickbooks POS Basic cash register software for donated cash registers.

Shuksan Middle School | 360-676-6454 ext. 4837; john.sage@bellinghamschools.org; shuksan.bellinghamschools.org | Mission: SMS mission: Shuksan Middle School will engage students in learning that develops the skills and determination to strengthen themselves, their community and the world. | Wishes: 1. Class set (35) of white boards (9x12) for individual student work in social studies. 2. Pay for buses for the seventh-grade field trip to the Seattle aquarium, underground tour and outdoor art park ($3,000). 3. 250 wide-ruled composition books for student learning logs.

Shuksan Middle School | 360-715-0127; douglas.robinson@bellingham schools.org; shuksan.bellinghamschools.org | Mission: SMS vision: We will build a community of future-ready, critical thinkers who utilize the latest technology to collaborate, explore and create across the curriculum. The sixth-grade science classes at Shuksan Middle School spend part of our year on the study of ecosystems. We focus on the ecosystem of Bellingham Bay. We study organisms, their interactions, and ecological problems. As part of this study, we involve the students in some outdoor field activities. | Wishes: 1. Cover the student cost of a trip on the vessel Snow Goose for marine studies ($4,600). 2. Cover the cost of buses for the sixth-graders to go to the Padilla Bay Center for tidal studies ($1,200).

Shuksan Middle School Bands | 360-676-6454 ext. 4876; christopher.thomas@bellingham schools.org; sites.google.com/site/shuksan bands | Mission: The Shuksan band department strives to enrich the lives of its students and their families through experience in the performing arts. We stress life lessons such as teamwork, organization, rigor, discipline, patience and friendliness while making sure everyone learns their note names and rhythms accordingly. | Wishes: 1. Sheet music is obviously important to any band program. New middle school band music runs about $45 a tune. Can you help build our library? 2. Being in band costs a lot of money. We would like to set up a scholarship account to cover some costs for students in need. 3. Our band department has been without timpani since moving into our new building. A new set would be a dream come true for our percussionists!

Shuksan Shaw Stars Social Studies | 360-676-6454 ext. 4309; wendy,born@bellinghamschools.org | Mission: Finding opportunities to make a 3,000-year-old culture come alive for my sixth-grade students is my quest. One of the most powerful learning tools is one that combines as many senses as possible. Therefore, I want to create experiences that will make the culture seem tangible and vibrant. | Wishes: 1. Give my 120 students the unique experience of having an authentic Greek lunch to open their minds and their palates ($500). 2. Support a Greek festival for 120 students: costume sashes, medals for olympic winners, decor for stage, etc. ($300-$400). 3. Have some volunteers who can come in and share authentic Greek dancing, language and culture.

Silver Beach Elementary Library | 360-676-6443 ext. 2324; darlina.new@bellinghamschools.org; silver-beach.bellinghamschools.org/library-2 | Mission: Our mission is to inform, enrich, educate and encourage each person who enters our library. We do whatever we can, whenever we can, to get books into the hands of the children. | Wishes: 1. A popcorn machine that would enable us to sell popcorn, raising money for library sponsored events. This includes book fairs, festivals and library month. 2. $500 in books for the library shelves. 3. Sandwich board (for advertising and signage) to put outside for our events.

The Explorers’ Club (Wild Whatcom) | 360-389-3414; info@wildwhatcom.org; wildwhatcom.org | Mission: Our mission is to foster a lifelong appreciation for the natural world, instilling a deep sense of connection and wonder through outdoor exploration, and a strong ethic of service through community stewardship. The Explorers’ Club also works to reinforce character traits that sustain healthy relationships with self, others and the Earth. | Wishes: 1. Monetary contribution toward the cost of purchasing a short bus to transport youth to natural places around Whatcom County (bus cost is $5,000). 2. 5-10 sets of lightweight backpacking gear (sleeping bags/backpacks) to lighten youths’ loads on our longer backpacking expeditions. 3. Contributions of items (or funds to purchase items) to put in giving bags, which our youth will assemble to give to local people in need.

Tiffany Knudsen, teacher | 360-223-1969; tiffany.knudsen@bellingham schools.org | Mission: I am a first-grade teacher at Parkview Elementary in Bellingham. I dedicate an hour a week to art instruction in my diverse classroom. I want to provide art experiences using many different mediums and techniques for my young learners. It is one of their favorite times of the week. | Wishes: 1. 20 small boxes of oil pastels for art projects.

Whatcom Day Academy | 360-312-1103; info@whatcomday.org; whatcomday.org | Mission: Whatcom Day Academy offers a high-quality, challenging academic program within a safe nurturing environment that inspires students to realize their full intellectual and personal potential, and to become respectful, responsible citizens. We have a particularly strong math/science program and many of our graduates go into science or engineering fields. | Wishes: 1. Funds to purchase digital probes and other lab equipment for student science projects so that they can collect accurate data ($500). 2. Help the 6- and 7-year-olds purchase materials to build a stream bed and dams for a playground water engineering project ($1,000). 3. Funds to help purchase books on science topics for the library ($500).

Whatcom Literacy Council | 360-647-3264; rachel@whatcomliteracy.org; whatcomliteracy.org | Mission: Whatcom Literacy Council is dedicated to empowering adults to achieve their goals and change their lives through literacy. With the help of volunteer tutors, we serve approximately 500 adult learners each year in Whatcom County. | Wishes: 1. Volunteers over 18, and with a high school diploma or GED, who are interested in tutoring adult learners. 2. 20 copies of each of the GED practice tests. 3. Brand new, or nearly new, desktop computer to replace an aging one.

Young Writers Studio | 360-920-5903; info@youngwritersstudio.org; youngwritersstudio.org | Mission: Young Writers Studio is a collec-tion of programs, including creative writing workshops and classroom support in local public schools, connecting community volunteers with students ages 8-18 to support students’ ability to communicate through writing. | Wishes: 1. Tape bind machine for creating professional publications of young writers’ work. Examples include the AccuBind Pro Tape Binder (prices vary, $1,000 and up). 2. Cash donations toward participant scholarships, classroom projects, semi-annual Whatcom County literary journal “Snippets” and more. 3. More volunteers are always needed to facilitate workshops, participate in school projects, and provide administrative support.


Summit to Sound Search & Rescue | 360-961-2828; info@summittosound.org; summittosound.org | Mission: Summit to Sound is an all-volunteer search-and-rescue organization based in Whatcom County, consisting of several specialty teams, including dogs, ground search, swiftwater and flood, horses and ATV. Members respond to missing persons in urban and wilderness locations, technical res-cues, and water emergencies anywhere in Whatcom County. | Wishes: 1. STS has two Jet Skis, but needs a dependable trailer to trans-port them to the Nooksack River and local lakes for faster response to emergencies. 2. We need Astro Tracking collars by Garmin (dog’s safety). They are also training tools to help the dogs become more effective at finding people. 3. Parts/labor to repair the front end of our ’97 diesel Suburban.

The American Red Cross Mt. Baker Chapter | 360-733-3290 ext. 1018; marindap@mtbredcross.org; mtbredcross.org | Mission: The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its congressional charter and the fundamental princi-ples of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and re-spond to emergencies. | Wishes: 1. Four-wheel-drive vehicle that can tow a small trailer to bring first aid and emergency supplies to disaster victims in Whatcom County. 2. Funds to upgrade and replace emergency radios used to connect volunteers in the field with those at the chapter during disasters ($1,000). 3. Shelter kits for communities like Kendall and Sudden Valley that become isolated during disasters so they can be self-sufficient until help arrives ($1,500 each).


American Cancer Society | 360-366-3353; gregandmaryf@yahoo.com; main.acsevents.org/site/TR?pg=team&fr_id=34032&team_id=821601 | Mission: Team Marching for Mom and Dad, Relay for Life of Lyn-den raises funds to support the American Cancer Society in its fight against cancer through research/prevention. We seek out innovative ways to raise these funds and hope that you are able to join us in the fight against cancer! | Wishes: 1. American Cancer Society is a nonprofit organization relying on cash donations to continue to fight cancer. Please donate at relayforlifeoflynden .org, Marching for Mom and Dad. 2. Team Marching for Mom and Dad is happy to receive new gift items or certificates from businesses, used as door prizes at events we sponsor. 3. Team Marching for Mom and Dad would love to work with your business promoting a specific fundraiser.

LivLife (COTA for Olivia RC) | 360-393-9133; livlifetoday@gmail.com; cotaforoliviarc.com | Mission: LivLife is a campaign for the Children’s Organ Transplant Association to help ease the burden of medical expenses. After her kidney transplant, local 6-year-old Olivia Cook still needs our help. Life is precious, community is powerful and we all have something to give. What is your gift to share? | Wishes: 1. Supplies: auction items, art/crafts, decorations, food, canopies, tables and chairs, sound equipment, heaters, paper products, plants, lighting, T-shirts, venues, wine, caterers, promotionals, etc. 2. Entertainers: musicians, dancers, drummers, choirs, singers, magi-cians, young and old. 3. Sponsors: We invite funding, donations, venues, auction items, wineries, brewers, auctioneers, sound techs, printers and volunteers.

Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood | 360-734-9095; info@mbpp.org; mbpp.org | Mission: Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood’s mission is to provide comprehensive sexual health care through direct services and education; protect and respect the dignity and culture of each individual; and advocate public policies that preserve those rights and ensure access to services. | Wishes: 1. Cervical cancer screening (colposcopy) for an uninsured patient with an abnormal pap history ($500 each).

NAMI of Whatcom County | 360-671-4950; nami@healthsupportcenter.org; namiwhatcom.org | Mission: NAMI of Whatcom County is a grassroots education and advocacy organization that works to encourage recovery and reintegration of individuals with mental illnesses and to provide support, education, and advocacy for individuals with mental illness and their families. | Wishes: 1. 25 three-ring binders in 1/2-inch or 1-inch size for a NAMI community education class. 2. Funds to purchase additional books and media for NAMI’s mental health community lending library ($500). 3. Laptop bag for a 17-inch laptop used for community presentations.

Rainbow Recovery Center | 360-671-7224; joe.gibson@whatcomcounseling.org | Mission: RRC, a program of Whatcom Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic, is a center where adults with mental illness can socialize, volunteer their time and work on their recovery. Mental health recovery means optimizing one’s enjoyment of life. Over half of the 85 individuals who come in each day are homeless. | Wishes: 1. Funds for tents, tarps, sleeping bags, blankets for homeless people ($200). 2. Beading supplies for our only art class ($100). 3. Funds for small shampoos, small bars of soap, toothbrushes, razors and feminine hygiene products ($100).

The Sean Humphrey House | 360-733-0176; volunteershh@gmail.com; seanhumphreyhouse.orgTi-chee Native AIDS Prevention Project | Mission: The Sean Humphrey House mission is to optimize the quality of life for low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS, who may also suffer from other diseases and disabilities, and who are unable to live independently. | Wishes: 1. Help building a shed and fixing up the gazebo we are currently using as a shed. 2. New outside patio furniture for the residents’ outdoor area. 3. Pressure washing the fence, sidewalk and back parking lot.

Ti-chee Native AIDS Prevention Project | 360-734-2476; hameni@ti-chee.org; ti-chee.orgVisiting Nurse Home Care | Mission: Ti-chee provides HIV/AIDS services to Lummi, Nooksack, Upper Skagit, Swinomish and Tulalip tribes, including Rapid HIV testing and training. | Wishes: 1. Two leather executive office chairs. 2. Two desktop computers.

Visiting Nurse Home Care | 360-734-9662; info@vnhomecare.org; vnhomecare.org | Mission: Visiting Nurse Home Care is a nonprofit agency that helps elderly and disabled people remain living independently and comfortably within their own homes. Our agency pro-vides skilled nursing care as well as help with errands, housekeeping, meals and personal care. | Wishes: 1. Medical grade, vinyl, powder-free gloves for clients needing personal care assistance. As many cases as possible in each size: small, medium and large. 2. Food and paper products for our Friendly Visitor program to sponsor a volunteer appreciation luncheon for 25. 3. Safe and ergonomic office chairs for 13 administrative staff. The chairs we currently have are in poor condition and not adjustable.

Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access | 360-788-6594; waha@hinet.org; whatcomalliance.org | Mission: The Whatcom Alliance for Healthcare Access is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting access to healthcare services for all members of our community. WAHA’s mission is to connect community members to health care services, promote system improvements and foster public engagement to develop sound health care policies. | Wishes: 1. Donated medical/dental services for low-income, uninsured community members who are unable to afford health care for themselves and their families. 2. Funds to purchase prescriptions for Whatcom Project Access patients who receive donated, specialty medical care but cannot afford expensive prescriptions needed for their care. 3. Meeting room furniture to furnish a comfortable, welcoming space for clients who visit WAHA seeking assistance obtaining health insurance or medical care.


Ferndale Heritage Society | 360-384-6461; park@ferndaleheritagesociety.com; ferndaleheritagesociety.com | Mission: The business and purpose of the Ferndale Heritage Society shall be to educate the community on the history of Whatcom County, promote Pioneer Park and tourism, and bring together people interested in preserving history and maintaining the log cabins and the collections to illustrate the history of the area. | Wishes: 1. Log cabins and their contents are precious, currently the fire/security system is obsolete and needs to be replaced immediately. 2. Provide funding to relocate the Mt. View Schoolhouse that is currently residing on Intalco property to Pioneer Park to be used as a children’s museum.

Heritage Flight Museum | 360-733-4422; kate@heritageflight.org; heritageflight.org | Mission: Heritage Flight Museum is dedicated to honoring veterans and keeping history alive through the preservation and flying of historic military aircraft, the display of related memorabilia, and through public education. | Wishes: 1. Funds to complete the retrofitting of our display cases and the installing of memorabilia exhibits into those cases ($800). 2. Adult volunteers on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from noon-4 p.m. to greet and guide visitors as they interact with rare vintage aircraft. 3. Provide, or sponsor, a bus for up to 80 veterans and family members of the 39th Fighter Squadron, which is returning to Bellingham after 70 years!


The Alternative Humane Society | 360-671-7445; info@alternativehumanesociety.org; alternativehumanesociety.org | Mission: The Al-ternative Humane Society is an all-volunteer, nonprofit animal-welfare organization working to improve the lives of dogs by providing foster and permanent placement, offering spay and neuter voucher assistance, and educating and advocating for the humane treatment of cats and dogs in all areas of life. | Wishes: 1. Cover printing expenses for business cards, informational pamphlets, and T-shirts for advertising purposes at adopt-a-thons and events and adoption contracts and volunteer orientation packets for daily operations ($500). 2. Digital camera to photograph dogs up for adoption to be put on our website ($150). 3. Digital webcam for taking and placing videos of dogs up for adoption on our website ($150.)

WeSNIP | 360-733-6549; yeswesnip.org; wesnip.org | Mission: WeSNIP is a high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter service for pets of people on public assistance or of very low income not able to afford services at private clinics or shelters. We also focus on education and networking with animal control and other rescue organizations. We have spayed and neutered 7,000 local pets to-date. | Wishes: 1. Donations to our Fiona Fund for post-surgery pain medication for female pets, humane emergency procedures and other humane medications ($25 d). 2. Club membership. Members pledge to donate $10 per month toward spay/neuter costs only. Payments can be automatically-deducted if desired. 3. Plastic, hard-shell cat carriers without significant missing or broken parts.

Whatcom Humane Society | 360-733-2080; outreach@whatcomhumane.org; whatcomhumane.org | Mission: The Whatcom Humane So-ciety believes that all animals, as sentient beings, have value beyond economic measurements and are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection. Our vision is of a community that treats all animals with kindness, respect and compassion. | Wishes: 1. New or used tractor for our farm property. 2. Business and corporate sponsors to underwrite our fundraising events 3. Dog and cat food donations for our food bank.


Bellingham Books To Prisoners | 360-733-9099; bellinghambtp@yahoo.com; bellinghambtp.org | Mission: We send free books on re-quest to prisoners in state and federal prisons. We believe that books are tools for learning and opening minds to possibilities. By send-ing books to prisoners, we work to foster a love of reading and encourage the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. | Wishes: 1. Books. Dictionaries are the most-requested book; we always need books of all kinds: history, art, small business, poetry, philosophy, fiction. 2. Money for postage. We send books by media mail. (An average package of three books costs $3. Even a small contribution helps!) 3. Volunteers. We meet once a week to read letters from prisoners, choose books from our collection and wrap the packages. We welcome new volunteers.

Blue Skies for Children | 360-756-6710; julie@blueskiesforchildren.org; blueskiesforchildren.org | Mission: To raise hope and self-esteem by sponsoring enrichment activities and other essentials for homeless, low-income and foster children. | Wishes: 1. Sponsor-A-Child, ages 6 to 15, who is homeless, low-income or in foster care, enrolled in an ongoing enrichment activity ($50 a month). 2. Donate an item or service to our 11th Annual Dinner and Charity Auction planned for Oct. 15 at Lakeway Inn. 3. Donate gently used clothing, coats, hats, gloves, scarves and blankets and/or support our Back-to-School Program with a financial donation.

Brigadoon Youth and Service Dog Programs | 360-733-5388; denise@brigadoondogs.org; brigadoondogs.org | Mission: We engage youth at risk in our community to help train and care for our service dogs for people with disabilities and military coming home from the war with post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. Brigadoon service dogs offer confidence and independence to citizens in our community. | Wishes: 1. Sponsor a service dog in training for a person with disabilities ($7,500). 2. Funds for additional kennels to meet our growing demand for service dogs ($2,000). 3. Volunteers with fundraising experience for nonprofits.

Brigid Collins | 360-734-4616; dbrowne@brigidcollins.org; brigidcollins.org | Mission: Our mission is to break the cycle of child abuse. We envision a community whose purpose is to nurture all its children. We serve at-risk children and families, children who are victims of abuse or neglect, and families of all income, ethnicities and circumstances. | Wishes: 1. Help support the annual auction by donating an item for the silent or live auction or become an event sponsor. 2. Provide food or help prepare a meal for the parenting education pro-gram. These classes meet weekly at Brigid Collins Family Support Center. 3. Volunteer! There are current opportunities to volunteer as an office assistant, child-care provider, gardener or to join an event committee.

Catholic Housing Services | 360-752-7423; charissawa@ccsww.org; affordablebellingham.com | Mission: CHS is developing a Community ART (CART) program that would offer members of the community an avenue to creativity, self-esteem and address social development and other needs for a healthy future. The CART program would enhance the mission of CHS, which seeks ways to better serve poor and vulnerable people. | Wishes: 1. Art supplies: Sketch books, watercolor and acrylic paints, pencils, paintbrushes, aisles, folding chairs, tables, paper, canvas, etc. 2. Community space: Centrally located downtown to provide easy access for residents of the low-income apartment buildings, including families and disabled individuals. 3. Raffle items: Small useful items such as art books, sketch books, paints, paintbrushes, etc.

Common Threads Farm | 360-927-1590; laura@commonthreadsfarm.org; commonthreadsfarm.org | Mission: We cultivate connections between people, food and community through seed-to-table educational experiences that enhance food competency (knowing how to grow and prepare healthful food), food literacy (understanding how our food choices impact the health of our bodies, communities, and environment) and food justice (ensuring enough healthful, culturally appropriate food for all). | Wishes: 1. Truck or van suitable for hauling supplies and youth participants. The ideal vehicle will be sturdy and not too “quirky,” aesthetics optional! 2. One or more chefs who would like to donate their time and talent to our Chef in the Garden summer programs. 3. Donated office space for our staff and volunteers, need not be fancy, just a place to gather and organize — ideally on the South Side.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of | Whatcom County 360-671-5714; jmason@dvsas.org; dvsas.org | Mission: The DVSAS mission is to support individuals affected by domestic violence and sexual assault and to lead the community towards ending these abuses of power. All services are free and confidential. | Wishes: 1. Volunteers to answers hotline calls and work with survivors of violence, office administration, and/or delivering education programs. 2. Gift certificates of any value for businesses including Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, grocery stores, gas stations, and family entertainment (i.e. movies, etc.). 3. Baby changing table, diapers and toiletries.

DSHS Children’s Administration | 425-339-1746; raka300@dshs.wa.gov | Mission: Children’s Administration works with children and families to identify their needs and develop a plan that supports families and assures safety and well-being for children. Children’s Administration works collaboratively with a variety of interested local organizations and governmental agencies to determine unmet needs and plan for efficient service delivery. | Wishes: 1. Assist foster teens with support and life skills necessary to enter the adult world by teaching skills and sharing your knowledge. Background checks are required 2. Adult volunteers, Monday to Friday, to assist with foster children transportation and supervised visits. Criminal history background checks required. 3. Funds to help Whatcom County foster children who are in out-of-home care pursue interest and hobbies ($1,000).

Families & Friends of Violent Crime Victims | 425-252-6081; nancy@fnfvcv.org; fnfvcv.org | Mission: The mission of Families & Friends is to support and advocate for victims of crime, adult missing persons and their loved ones, and to provide education about victims’ rights and services. The main office is in Everett with advocates housed in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, Island and King counties. | Wishes: 1. An office desk, with drawers, for our advocate in Whatcom County. Office is located in Bellingham. 2. Locking, four-drawer file cabinet to keep client files secure for our advocate in Whatcom County. 3. Printer/scanner/fax machine for our advocate in Whatcom County.

Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County | 360-715-9170; volunteer@hfhwhatcom.org; hfhwhatcom.org | Mission: Habitat For Human-ity in Whatcom County is a local, self-sustaining affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International — a nonprofit, Christian organization that builds affordable houses for families of any faith. Families help build, then purchase the home with $500 down and a no-interest mort-gage. | Wishes: 1. Working laptop computer for use in our office. 2. An upholstery cleaning machine to clean donated furniture at our Habitat for Humanity in Whatcom County store. 3. Donated construction trailer for use on our building sites.

Hope House | 360-676-2164; cheriw@ccsww.org; bellinghamhopehouse.com | Mission: Our mission is to provide basic needs to the poor in our community, treating them with dignity and respect. We offer clothing, household goods, hygiene and cleaning supplies, emergency food and baby care items such as diapers and wipes — all free of charge. | Wishes: 1. Funds to purchase an industrial-strength coffee maker — we offer coffee and cookies to our clients ($1,000). 2. 85 rolls of toilet paper, which is the amount we give out in one week at Hope House. Toilet paper cannot be purchased with food stamps. 3. Cases of canned fruit, a food item not often donated, yet often requested.

Lummi Nation Victims of Crime Program | 360-384-2285; nikkif@lummi-nsn.gov | Mission: The mission of the Lummi Victims of Crime Program was developed through recognition that too often the needs and rights of those victimized by crime have gone unrecognized and unmet. With this in mind, Lummi Victims of Crime Program was established to provide healing resources. | Wishes: 1. Playground equipment for our Ne-Alis Tokw women and children of domestic violence shelter for Native Americans. 2. Arts and crafts supplies and self-care grooming bags for the children at the shelter and the teen sexual assault groups. 3. Spa certificates for the women at the shelter and household supplies to take with them when they leave the shelter.

Lydia Place | 360-671-7663; teresaj@lydiaplace.org; lydiaplace.org | Mission: Lydia Place provides a multifaceted program that supports women and their children in transition from homelessness to independence. Our families are offered shelter, life-skills training and the support needed for self-support. | Wishes: 1. New refrigerator for the kitchen. 2. Group of 5-6 volunteers to deep clean the communal kitchen and living room. 3. Funds to buy household supplies for the families ($100).

National Coalition of Community-Based Correctional and Community Re-Entry Service Organizations | 360-734-1236; keb@nc4rso.org; nc4rso.org | Mission: NC4RSO supports corrections-related, community-based organizations nationally. While local community-based organizations provide services within the corrections context, NC4RSO supports member organizations, acts as a national voice on topics of common member interest, and works toward increasing community-based services. | Wishes: 1. New laptop. 2. Office technology products: New laptop, desktop computer(s), and/or printers. 3. Travel support: Flight or rental car vouchers, gas cards, etc.

Northwest Indian College | 360-392-4343; vcooper@nwic.edu; nwic.edu | Mission: To promote self sufficiency and wellness for indigenous people with culturally grounded, multigenerational and holistic programs. | Wishes: 1. Gift certificates from local businesses to use as incentives to support participation of our low-income clients. 2. Office furniture for our new Cooperative Extension building. 3. Native plants and trees/bushes (berries and fruits) to landscape our yard around our new Cooperative Extension building.

NorthWest Therapeutic Riding Center | 360-966-2124; nwtrc@premier1.net; nwtrc.org | Mission: NorthWest Therapeutic Riding Center, a nonprofit program, provides therapeutic horseback riding to people of all ages with a wide range of disabilities. NWTRC is dedicated to enriching the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of our riders and their families in an environment that is safe, nurturing, challenging and fun. | Wishes: 1. Full scholarships for 4 NWTRC Riders ($740 each for one session, or partial scholarships of $300 each, any portion is helpful). 2. Golf sponsorships and five teams of golfers for our 13th annual July 15 Riders Cup Golf Tournament to be held at North Bellingham Golf Course. 3. Whatcom County acreage or existing equine facility to enhance our mission and ability to provide our services year round to our community.

Parent to Parent of Whatcom County | 360-255-2056; christine@p2pwhatcom.org; p2pwhatcom.org | Mission: Parent to Parent of Whatcom County, sponsored by Whatcom Center for Early Learning, provides emotional support and information to families of children ages birth to 21 who have developmental disabilities, delays and ongoing health care needs. Matches with trained volunteer parents, support meetings, and crucial networking opportunities. | Wishes: 1. Gift cards to local grocery and retail stores to help cover food/supplies for support group meetings and family networking events. 2. Donation to help us reserve the pool to hold inclusive family swim socials for families of kids with disabilities. 3. We need as many Forever stamps as possible to mail out information packets, vital resources, and newsletters to families ($150).

Sea Mar Visions | 360-647-4266; jeanettepalmer@seamarchc.org; seamar.orgSun Community Service 360-392-1324; suncommu-nity@earthlink.net | Mission: Visions strive to provide a holistic model of intervention to adolescent females that are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. The program educates and promotes disease management through art therapy, music and recreation. We partner with different agencies to include wrap-around services. | Wishes: 1. For day hikes: 3 pairs size 7, 2 pairs size 8, and 1 pair size 9 leather Gore-Tex hiking boots and hiking socks. 2. Funds for new adolescent female pleasure reading books ($500). 3. 25 twin bed comforters in colors such as yellow, purple, and/or pinks. (No reds or blues please.)

Sun Community Service | 360-392-1324; suncommunity@earthlink.net The Whatcom Dream 360-319-3759; trudyalene@yahoo.com; | Mission: Sun House provides shelter to people who are homeless and have a mental illness in Whatcom County. | Wishes: 1. Front deck of our homeless shelter needs refinishing with slip-resistant paint (need labor and materials). 2. House needs pressure washing. 3. Gently-used towels, twin size bed linens, coffee mugs, utensils.

The Whatcom Dream | 360-319-3759; trudyalene@yahoo.com; thewhatcomdream.org | Mission: Our mission is to lower the poverty rate in Whatcom County. We provide 12-week financial literacy classes at various locations throughout the county for very low cost ($65 per person). Scholarships available as needed. We help people reach their dreams through financial literacy and life skills training. | Wishes: 1. Costco cards to buy food for our upcoming annual fundraiser ($300). 2. Comfy chairs or loveseat for office area. 3. Legal size lateral filing cabinet for office.

Undefeated Generation | 360-820-5119; ariane@undefeatedgeneration.org; undefeatedgeneration.org93 | Mission: Our mission is to bring hope to a generation that will equip them to become undefeated through opportunities for education and training that will provide empowerment for success in their communities and the world. | Wishes: 1. Digital camera to take pictures of the outreach activities we host as a group to update our website and to showcase our outreach to our community. 2. Laptop as a source for communication of projects and grants and a resource to help equip our organization with an array of services. 3. Funds to host a food/clothing drive for the homeless families and to give personal items to all attendees ($500).

Womencare Shelter | 360-671-8539; kirsten@womencareshelter.org; womencareshelter.org | Mission: Womencare Shelter is an em-powerment-based organization working to end domestic violence by providing 24-hour crisis support services, emergency confidential shelter and community education. | Wishes: 1. Items on our wish list. See our website for current list and updates. 2. Cash donations for operating expenses 3. Volunteers for events and administrative support.

Youthnet | 360-336-1610; ksager@youthnetnw.net; youthnet.net | Mission: Youthnet’s mission is to provide caring and supportive edu-cational and social services to youth and families to help them attain a productive and successful life. Youthnet’s programs include Emerson School and several foster care programs. In addition to these programs we offer weekly parenting classes for young parents. | Wishes: 1. Youthnet needs am adult volunteer for the weekly Parenting Program (Wednesday 3:45-5:30 p.m.) to provide child care on site during the class and support the coordinator with class needs. 2. Youthnet needs donations of healthy snacks for the weekly parenting class or gift cards to grocery store in order to purchase perishable snacks. 3. Youthnet needs a volunteer to provide clerical support for the foster care program licensor.


Bellingham Childcare & Learning Center | 360-676-0950; karen@bellinghamchildcare.com; bellinghamchildcare.com | Mission: Accredited with the National Association for the Education of Young Children, our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable child care to families of all income levels, assisting low-income families to become self-sufficient. | Wishes: 1. New CD players for our classrooms so that our children can enjoy music inside and outside. 2. Cordless drill to handle minor repairs within our building. 3. Flip video camcorders to help document children’s development and to share with parents.

Big Brothers Big Sisters | 360-671-6400; colleenh@bbbs-nw.org; bbbs-nw.org | Mission: The mission of BBBS is to help children in Northwest Washington reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships, which furthers our vision to have successful mentoring relationships for all children who need and want them, contributing to brighter futures, better schools and stronger communities for generations to come. | Wishes: 1. Twelve conference room chairs with either purple or taupe cushions. 2. Printing costs for our annual auction in fall 2011. 3. Professional decorator to improve the office environment.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County | 360-738-3808; cdestry@whatcomclubs.org; whatcomclubs.org | Mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. | Wishes: 1. Sponsor-A-Child: Contribute to our annual Campaign for Kids! Our goal is to raise $75,000 for kids to ensure no child is turned away. 2. High-end donation items for our annual auctions: Vacation rentals, unique gifts, new furniture, a new car, boat, etc. or you can underwrite an item! 3. Couches, any art supplies, any school supplies, games, puzzles, gift cards, prizes, computer games (rated E!), sports and recreation equipment, etc.

Camp Fire USA Samish Council | 360-733-5710; erin@campfiresamishcouncil.org; campfiresamishcouncil.org | Mission: Through Camp Fire club programming, self-reliance classes, environmental education, and day and resident camping experiences at Camp Kirby, we build caring, confident youth and future leaders. | Wishes: 1. Plastic-coated, commercial-grade tables and benches for camp. 2. Lap-top computer to use for recruitment events, presentations, self-reliance programming, environmental education, and at camp. 3. Donations to our youth scholarship program. Scholarships assist youth with the costs of joining Camp Fire Clubs and with attending camp in the summer.

Child Evangelism Fellowship | 360-380-5437; whatcomcef1@frontier.net; cefwhatcom.org | Mission: Child Evangelism Fellowship is a nonprofit worldwide ministry whose purpose is to reach the children of the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. CEF sponsors good news clubs, 5-Day clubs and spring and summer day camps. The Whatcom County chapter is located in Ferndale. | Wishes: 1. Finance the end-of-the-year skating party for our good news club children ($1,000). 2. 100 scholarships for day camp ($30 per child, total needed is $3,000). 3. Adult volunteers for afterschool good news clubs from 3-5 p.m. once a week, Monday through Friday. Interview and screening mandatory for those working with children.

F.A.C.E.S. Northwest | 360-410-8413; facesnw@hotmail.com; facesnorthwest.com | Mission: Dedicated to helping children with autism maximize strengths, grow socially and academically and be active participants in their community. F.A.C.E.S. summer camp is a therapeutic, recreational day camp designed to provide community involvement, independent living skills, academic success and social relationships within a recreational environment. | Wishes: 1. Gas cards, gas money, or van/bus to help the children with autism access the community. 2. Send a child with autism to a therapeutic activity ($30). 3. Tuition scholarships to help send a child with autism to summer camp ($100-$1,000).

Northwest Youth Services | 360-734-9862 ext. 116; riannonb@nwys.org; nwys.org | Mission: Northwest Youth Services keeps youth safe, heals family relationships, reconnects youth to the community and promotes self-reliance. | Wishes: 1. Fifteen new computers with new monitors. 2. An agency van to involve 13-17 homeless and runaway youth in community activities. 3. Sponsor one youth’s mental-health treatment for four months ($1,500).

Rebound of Whatcom County’s | Flying Colors-Northwest 360-201-5443; holly@reboundwc.org; reboundwc.org | Mission: Flying Colors is a daily afterschool program with an academic focus. We specialize in serving low-income, high behavior needs and at-risk youth. The students we’re privileged to serve struggle to be successful in a typical classroom and we offer skills and support to help them reach their highest potential. | Wishes: 1. Reliable seven-passenger minivan, to transport our smaller pick up routes in a more fuel efficient vehicle. 2. Two rolling book carts to organize and mobilize our growing library of high-quality books for use of the kids in Flying Colors Program. 3. Costco gift cards to provide nutritious, state-approved snacks for kids in the Flying Colors Program ($250-$1,000).

St. Francis Childcare | 360-752-6336; hbugbee@avamere.com | Mission: We are a nonprofit, intergenerational program. We have an educational child-care center and Head Start program located in an extended-care facility. This program benefits young and old by providing positive interactions between these two populations. It is an opportunity for both groups to form nurturing relationships. | Wishes: 1. We are expanding our intergenerational gardens. We need lumber to make raised vegetable beds. 2. We are looking for a greenhouse to preserve plants and garden throughout the year. 3. We also need enriched soil, compost, garden tools, seeds and starter plants.

Taecan (Wild Whatcom) | 360-393-7827; wildwhatcomwalks@gmail.com; wildwhatcom.org/wild-whatcom-walks2 | Mission: The mission of Wild Whatcom is to foster a lifelong connection with nature and community through outdoor exploration and service. Wild Whatcom Walks is the community education branch of Wild Whatcom, providing hands-on nature exploration programs, by donation, for families and adults. Hoping to do field trips with seniors next. | Wishes: 1. Funds for eight pairs of rain pants for children in Nature Babies ($140). 2. Pay insurance costs for running programs for one year ($2,400). 3. Pentax waterproof digital camera for use outdoors ($400).

Teens for Christ NW | 360-354-3075; director@tfcnw.org; tfcnw.org | Mission: Bible quizzing is the most exciting and effective way to get teenagers to memorize scripture. Teams memorize whole books of the New Testament, and compete to answer questions for points. TFCNW is the only Bible quiz league in Whatcom County, with over 70 quizzers and growing. | Wishes: 1. Netbooks with software. 2. Funds for adapters to transition between our old system and the new ($480). 3. Adult volunteer to coach a team once a week. No ex-perience necessary — if you love the Bible, and love teens, this is for you!

Whatcom Family Cooperative Preschool | 360-715-1950; whatcomfamilypreschool@ gmail.com; | Mission: WFCP provides a developmentally appropriate preschool program, integrated with BSD Special Education preschool classes in the Alderwood Early Childhood Center; and parenting education classes with a Whatcom Community College parent educator. Parents and children work, play and learn together in our morning class, taught by an experienced early childhood educator. | Wishes: 1. 30”x4’x2-2 1/2’ classroom table (Discount School Supplies, item # 828RCP3048 with maple top, $149.95). 2. Divided storage shelving unit (Discount School Supplies, item # 828V7150, $149.95). 3. Hammer and nail design set (Discount School Supplies, item # 828HAMNAIL, $18.68).

Whatcom Family YMCA | 360-733-8630; ymca@whatcomymca.org; whatcomymca.org | Mission: The Y is committed to strengthening community through programs for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. | Wishes: 1. Donations to provide quality licensed child care for working families needing assistance ($100). 2. Donations to provide participation in Girls on the Run where girls train for a 5K run and learn self-esteem skills ($125). 3. Donations to provide 50 hot showers with soap and towel service for the homeless ($100).

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The Camp Fire contact email was corrected April 20, 2011.