Pipeline memories: Linda Allen writes, sings 'Pipeline'

Bellingham singer and songwriter Linda Allen wrote "Pipeline" after the fatal explosion on June 10, 1999.

Here are the lyrics:


We remember how it started

Plumes of smoke and fire that grew and grew

We knew a dreadful thing had happened

We grabbed our kids and waited for the news

A pipeline can demand an awful price

For whose convenience did we sacrifice?

We remember three young boys who died

With the sweet lands

And the waters where they played

CHORUS: We will not sacrifice our children,

Will not sacrifice our lands

We'll remember that sad day

And we will hold each other's hands

We will shout it to the sky until

They're weary of the sound

Only we will choose what's buried

Underneath our town

We believed our homes were sacred

Never noticed where the pipes were laid

We believed all that they told us

We believed until that summer day

Now we believe that it is up to us

There are those we know we cannot trust

We believe we put our children first

And the sweet lands and the waters where they play