Search continues for missing Whatcom County infant; family prays for his safe return

Jon Cecil Anthony a 10-week old infant reported missing Friday Aug. 29, 2009.
Jon Cecil Anthony a 10-week old infant reported missing Friday Aug. 29, 2009. Courtesy of Whatcom County Sheriff's Office

The search continued for a missing 10-week-old baby boy Saturday, Aug. 29, while family members gathered at the boy’s family home to pray for his safe return, a relative said.

The boy, identified as Jon “Cecil” Anthony Frazier, was reported missing from the 1100 block of Willeys Lake Road by his grandmother at about 8:30 a.m. Friday morning.

On Friday, Whatcom County Search and Rescue volunteers as well as sheriff’s deputies and detectives combed the property east of Custer where the boy lived with his parents, Jonathan V. Frazier, 42, and Brooke K. Johnson, 26, in a doublewide trailer.

The volunteers expanded their search Saturday to include areas south of the property to the Nooksack River, and areas north of the property to Bertrand Creek, said Chief Criminal Deputy Jeff Parks of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

As the volunteers searched, detectives continued to interview friends and associates of the family to establish a timeline of what happened in the home before the child disappeared, Parks said.

Parks said Frazier put his son to bed Thursday night in their trailer, which is one of several located on the property behind a house. At some point during the night the father got up to give the child a bottle of milk before returning to sleep, Parks said.

Frazier told detectives that when he woke up Friday morning, his child was gone and the door to the trailer was open, Parks said. Parks was not sure if the door was locked or unlocked.

Aside from the open door, the father reported that nothing else seemed out of the ordinary in the trailer, Parks said.

Deputies, detectives and police dogs canvassed the area but did not find the child.

Don Kleindel, Johnson’s uncle, said both parents were extremely distraught over their son’s disappearance.

“Who could imagine that something like this could happen to your son in your home?” Kleindel asked. “There’s a lot of unanswered questions, obviously. You never thought it’d hit this close to home.”

Johnson and Frazier married in March 2008, and Johnson gave birth to the child — their first — in June, Kleindel said.

Johnson has been in the Whatcom County Jail since Thursday after she was sentenced to time in a state prison for a second-degree robbery conviction, according to records.

Kleindel said Johnson met with her mother Saturday morning in the jail, but he did not have details of what they discussed.

News of the child’s disappearance has shaken relatives, many of whom live in the county, Kleindel said.

Relatives have been contacting friends from church to organize prayer groups, Kleindel said.

“I know prayer makes a difference,” Kleindel said. “God knows where he is. All we can do is put it in God’s hands and keep the faith.”

Kleindel said that more volunteers and neighbors were coming by to help search throughout Saturday, and were providing food and beverages to the search parties.

“More and more volunteers have been coming every hour,” Kleindel said. “Search and Rescue have been unbelievable. Everybody’s well nourished.”

Parks said he had received no reports that the child may be outside of the county, but the Sheriff's Office still issued a bulletin to law enforcements agencies statewide about the boy's disappearance and notified local hospitals.

Parks said an Amber Alert was not issued because the Sheriff's Office did not have a suspect or vehicle description that would aid in locating the child.

The child is described as weighing 13 pounds, with brown hair and may be in a blue blanket, Parks said.

Johnson was sentenced to time in a state prison during a hearing in Whatcom County Superior Court Thursday.

Details of her sentence were unavailable Saturday, but the prosecutor and her attorney recommended a six-year prison sentence, according to court records.

Anyone with information regarding the child’s whereabouts should call 911 or the Sheriff's Office tip line at 715-7459.