‘Jeopardy’ champ Ken Jennings set for Trivia Bee

Local trivia buffs beware: your factoid fiefdom is about to come under attack.

Quiz show king Ken Jennings is bringing his wealth of knowledge to Bellingham, and he’s pitting it against the area’s top minds in the Whatcom Literacy Council’s Trivia Bee.

Jennings, who broke records by winning more than $2.5 million over about 75 episodes of “Jeopardy,” will join the Executive Benefits Design Group team for Friday’s bee. Chief executive officer Nick Paleveda sent an e-mail to Jennings recruiting him for the bee, and he happily accepted the invitation. Money from ticket sales will help the council teach adults throughout the county reading and writing skills.

“I’d love to do more stuff like this,” says Jennings, who lives just north of Seattle with his wife and two young children. “It’s so rare you can do it in your backyard.”

Jennings hopes his teammates complement his areas of expertise: books, movies and a host of random facts.“I only remember totally useless things,” Jennings says. “I don’t even know where my car keys are right now.”

The areas he feels the least comfortable with are sports and country music, which he calls his kryptonite. Those are probably the only subjects he hasn’t crammed into his brain in his 32 years on Earth.

“It’s certainly nothing I try to do,” he says of his vast mental database. “I don’t wake up and do flashcards every morning. People remember the things they’re interested in or curious about. I’m curious about just about everything.”

Even with his seemingly unending supply of knowledge, Jennings is just hoping he won’t let his team down. After all, 31 other teams are champing at the bit to dethrone the trivia king.

“I’m pretty nervous,” Jennings says. “I guess I shouldn’t be. It’s sort of hard to have stage fright after “Jeopardy,” but I feel like there’s a lot of pressure.”